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Angela Yuen will stay in Taiwan for awhile and hopes to improve language abilities
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Angela Yuen is leaning toward wearing something simple but not necessarily sexy to the Golden Horse Awards

Sabrina Ng and Chung Suet Ying starred THE WANNABE LYRICIST becomes the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival closing film
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Angela Yuen Lai Lam, Chung Suet Ying and Sabrina Ng Bing yesterday attended the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival closing ceremony. Their respective films FLY ME TO THE MOON (DAN YUEN YUN CHEUNG GAU) and THE WANNABE LYRICIST (TIN CHI L) became the closing films. Taking part in the Taiwan version of ITAEWON CLASS, Yuen Lai Lam returned to Hong Kong to attend the event. She expected that the production would go until March next year, and praised co-star Eric Chou as friendly.

Already in Taiwan to prepare for the production of the Taiwan version ITAEWON, Yuen Lai Lam not only attended the film festival closing ceremony but also was fitted for 78 ITAEWON costumes. When asked about the production preparation, Yuen Lai Lam said, "The production is expected to start in December and shoot until March next year. Taiwan is used to requiring actors to rehearse before the production begins, so I already went over there in November. The biggest difficult has been language, I have to learn the way the Taiwanese people speak because I want to use my own voice to perform." Was she worried that the remake would be compared to the original Korean drama? She said, "I would have a lot of positive pressure. Because not comparing would be difficult, as an actor I can only do my best. I now the script would have a few changes from the original, characters also have been changed. I would follow the script to perform." Yuen Lai Lam tried on 78 costumes for ITAEWON. When asked whether she would have anything sexy, she said, "I don't think anyone would want to see me sexy. The series has 12 episodes and I play a trendy internet personality. Actually normally when I feel I dress sexy, no one would notice." As for working with the "Love Song Prince" Eric Chou, Yuen Lai Lam said that she already met him last year at an award show. Earlier when he performed in Hong Kong he invited her. She praised Eric Chou as friendly and believed their collaboration would be very smooth.

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