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MIRROR attends an interactive experience screening and attracts 7,000 fans
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MIRROR attends the screening in full force
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Keung To reiterates that the cyberbullying incident is out of  momentary impulsiveness and again apologizes to the female online commenter

The entire MIRROR performs CATCH A VIBE and leads the screams from the whole audience

Anson Lo leaves his award chances to fate

AK gets shaky when talking about Maria Tang
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Guy group MIRROR yesterday attended their new film interactive experience screening. Keung To made his first public appeared and responded to the cyberbullying incident. He officially apologized to that female victim and urged the general public to spread positive energy online.

MIRROR yesterday attended in full force their film WE 12 (12 GWAI DOH)'s interactive experience screening. To celebrate the 5th anniversary of MIRROR's formation, this time would be the first time the entire group would perform in a movie and attracted around 7,000 Miros to show up with gears in support.

The 12 members of MIRROR took turns sharing their production experience. Anson Kong said that in the film he could communicate with animals, praised that the dog during the shoot were more precise than he was. He joked that he had to apologize to the dog; Anson Lo revealed that he got hurt from the fight scene, but actually only he fought and he felt very lonely; Keung To said that he had to learn hypnosis. Before the shoot he asked a coach for instruction, but during the shoot he skipped all the steps; Ian pointed out that during his car stunt, the poor communication signal to the crew kept it from stopping the traffic. He almost went into a head on collision, but luckily he was fine.

Earlier Keung To was a guest performer at a certain event and was suspected of lip synching and received many brutal criticism online. He could help himself to strike back at one of the female commenters online, even publicized her account and photo and made her the target of cyberbullying. Keung To also immediately removed the post and issued an apology.

Keung To made his first public appearance since the cyberbullying incident yesterday. He lowered his head and seemed dispirited, softly answering reporters' questions. He said that he wanted to say "sorry" to that woman and hoped that in the future he and everyone would be able to learn a lesson, whether public figure or general public everyone had to spread positive energy online. He also said that he did not want to explain more, next time he would work harder to do better. He also urged people online not to attack that woman anymore. Has his group mates provided any comfort and support? Keung To said, "Everyone has been very understanding of me, they know that I need my own space. (Would you play basketball to release your emotions?) The company wouldn't allow it; because the concerts are coming up, they are afraid that I would get hurt."

In addition, AK most recently and Maria Tang (Mar Lei) both appeared in Japan again and were linked in rumors. He stated that he needed not explain, so many strong statements have been made that his mouth stank from doing it. He also felt that friends have their own development opportunities. If his singing or dancing was criticized, he would be able to accept that. However friends were outsiders, and their normal lives should not be affected. Would he stop posting photos on social media? AK said, "No, why would I have to change my life habits because of people's fantasies?"

Speaking of Wan Kwong entering the Ultimate Awards My Favorite Male Singers Top Ten, AK and Lokman both played favorites with this elder. AK even said, "I even voted for Wan Kwong myself." Lokman felt that Wan Kwong's qualification proved that the phenomenon of variety in music.

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