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Sumling Lee, Loletta Lee, Peter Chan Charm Man and Gladys Li attend the premiere
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Loletta Lee and Gladys Li play mother and daughter in FLY ME TO THE MOON

Sumling Lee on her film debut often asks her on screen husband Peter Chan Charm Man for advice 
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Loletta Lee Lai Chun, Gladys Li Ching Kwan, Peter Chan Charm Man and COLLAR member Sumling Lee two nights ago attended the 20th Hong Kong Asian Film Festival ONCE IN A BLUE MOON (MONG YUET) premiere. Lee Lai Chun thanked the producer and director Andy Lo (Law Yiu Fai) for not ditching her because of her leg injury.

Lee Lai Chun revealed that in the film she had two marriages, with one child from each. They were Chan Charm Man and Li Ching Kwan. She and Li Ching Kwan played mother and daughter, and they would have argument scenes. However they were not considered too passionate, as they did not end up fighting. She praised her "daughter" for being bright and sharp, also very talented as a singer.

Sister Chun expressed that this time she had to thank the director for her performance. She said, "Before the production began I injured my leg, thanks to the director for not ditching me, reducing walking scenes and arranging for a wheel chair for me. The staff was always telling me to sit down, it was very heart warming."

Playing the Mama role in the film, Sister Chun felt that Mama also had different types. This time although she played an ordinary Mama, the role still had a lot of potential. What kind of Mama is she in real life? Sister Chun said, "I am a traditional Mama, the most important is for my daughter to be happy, whether in interest or education I wouldn't force her."

Working with Lee Lai Chun for the first time, Li Ching Kwan also praised how nice she was and how she enabled her to very quickly get into the shape and perform with ease. She said, "Lee Lai Chun and her daughter's relationship is very good, very intimate, her daughter is very pretty like Mama." Li Ching Kwan also revealed that in the film she had a skateboarding scene. Because she was injured from a fall, she was very careful when she learned. Luckily she has learned to ice skate when she was a child, so her balance was considered decent.

In addition, the big brother Chan Charm Man revealed that she and Sumling Lee played a couple in the film. Because their relationship was distant, they had no intimate scene. Making her first movie, Sumling Lee got the script and learned that she would work with many elders. She got so nervous that she went to look for drama teachers to help with her rehearsal. She also thanked her co-stars' influence for helping her deliver her role. She was also very grateful to learn so many from many elders.

Chan Charm Man joked that he asked Sumling Lee what was the dance art and dance, and asked her to teach him to dance. However so far she still has yet to teacher him. He joked, "It's not important that she doesn't teach me, instead teaching my daughter would be more important."

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