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Tony Leung Chiu Wai 

Cecilia Yip and Kara Wai vie for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress
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HIDDEN BLADE's Tony Leung Chiu Wai completes the triple crown with the Golden Rooster Award Best Actor 

Carina Lau and Tony Leung Chiu Wai are the focus of the red carpet walk

Darren Wang, Nick Cheung and Ethan Juan (left) 

Kara Wai and Cecilia Yip
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Th 2023 Golden Rooster Hundred Flower Film Festival and the 36th Golden Rooster Film Awards ceremony took place last night in Xiamen, Fujian. 20 awards were presented. Tony Leung Chiu Wai received the Best Actor award. Leung Chiu Wai so far has already been nominated 11 times and 5 Hong Kong Film Awards, 7 times and won 3 Golden Horse Awards. This time with the Golden Rooster Best Actor, he has already become the Chinese film industry's first "Triple Golden Best Actor". Leung Chiu Wai's thank you speech was brief, thanked the entire team and also said that the award belonged to all of the team.

Leung Chiu Wai with HIDDEN BLADE won this year's Golden Rooster Best Actor. On the stage he spent 25 seconds on his speech, thanked everyone on HIDDEN BLADE, and after saying "This award is our team's" he left the stage. Leung Chiu Wai was light and relaxed at backstage interviews.

Leung Chiu Wai said that each time he has won an award he has been very happy and excited. The host praised that his Putonghua has improved. Leung Chiu Wai asked everyone, "Has it improved?" He said that he started practicing Putonghua three months ago. Leung Chiu Wai said, "I told them the lines can't be changed, otherwise I would be messed up." As for how he would celebrate, Leung Chiu Wai said that he did not know. Perhaps he would return to Hong Kong first. This year he has won many awards. Leung Chiu Wai said that he has enjoyed being an actor very much. This profession of acting indeed has enriched his life, because as an ordinary person he had no way to experience so many lives. Each character has enabled him to learn a lot of new knowledge, so now he still enjoys being an actor. Would he put his Golden Rooster Award next to his wife Carina Lau Ka Ling's? Leung Chiu Wai answered, "All of my awards are all together, hers I don't know."

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