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The Anselm Chan Mau Yin directed romantic comedy READY O/R ROT (BUT YUT SING FUN 2) would open on the 30th. With the first film's original team returning, the story would be even more hilarious and warm. At earlier media previews the film received compliments for surpassing the previous film. Some even commented that it was the most entertaining romantic comedy of the past ten years. Two leads Kaki Sham and Chu Pak Hong at the preview invited friends and supports for an early glimpse and shared their personal experience after the screening.

Kaki Sham said, "Recent Hong Kong film releases mainly examined more serious social subjects, few have been romantic comedy. Thus this time with READY O/R ROT's preview before its official release, we watched and laughed together. Just now I too was like everyone, sometimes cheerfully laughing, sometimes affectionately crying. The feeling of 'breathing in and out' with the audience was very hard to forget. this time in the film I played a new father, in real life I have also been lost over parenthood issues. For me, to be able to connect with the audience through the character, experiencing joy, sorrow, sadness and happiness all along with the story truly was the happiest thing for an actor."

Chu Pak Hong said that being able to directly experience the live audience's reaction was truly a very rare opportunity. "READY O/R ROT's predecessor started production at the most severe period during the pandemic. For the sequel the original team started work after the pandemic. Our lives over two years have also changed a lot. I believe many viewers who have enjoyed the first film would also have even more experience in life, feeling just like everyone growing up together."

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