Thursday, November 30, 2023


Song Joong Ki

Where MIRROR's Ian Chan, Edan Lui and Anson Lo go, screams can be heard from fans

Fans surround the venue with boats

MIRRO fans have home field advantage and are on hand earlier for good spots

Aaron Kwok

Hins Cheung

Stray Kids' Felix 

Sho Hirano 

Dylan Wang

Elva Ni

Ayla Sham

Chow Yun Fat and his wife take a selfie with fans
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Aaron Kwok says what he is wearing is flown in from France, so he has to take more photos for his daughters


Zhu Yilong has a lot of fan support as well

Elva Ni has minor wardrobe malfunction, but only tape is showing

Louis Koo hopes Hong Kong would have more new directors and actors to lead the Hong Kong film industry development

Austin Lin

Louis Vuitton 2024 early fall men's line fashion show took place last night on the Avenue of the Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui, with 80 Chinese and foreign celebrities modeling the latest fashion on the catwalk.

Last night the attendees included Chow Yun Fat and his wife Jasmine Tan, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Hins Cheung King Hin, Terence Lam Ka Him, Tyson Yoshi, Jeffrey Ngai Chun Sun, MIRROR members Anson Lo Hon Ting, Edan Lui Cheuk On and Ian Chan Cheuk Yin. One of the guests Nicholas Tse Ting Fung was absent due to illness.

Chow Yun Fat and his wife Jasmine Tan dressed as a couple in white to watch the show. Fat Gor said that he was fortunate enough to have invited a master to be responsible for their image. Reporters also commended Fat Gor for being like Prince Charming. Fat Gor joked, "Even Uncle Lai (POLICE CADET character name) bought it, not to mention Prince Charming." Last night many international film stars were in attendance. Has any artist asked him for photos? Fat Gor said no, instead he wanted to get photos with them because all of his idols were present. However for now he only got one with Fat Soh.

With Christmas on the way, Fat Gor said that this year he would not go on vacation because it would be very close to his wife's birthday. Fat Gor pointed out that because lately he has been busy with his running training in preparation for the marathon, he has not paid attention to the Golden Horse Awards. He also said, "I feel my last marathon performance wasn't the best, later I would have to handle next year's Standard Charters Marathon. I would have to train more, I hope the more I run the further I go. (When would you challenge a full marathon?) Wait until I am 80." Last time Fat Gor raced, many runners on the way asked him for photos. Has his performance been affected by that? He said, "No, I ran very slowly. (Next time would you ask Fat Soh to run with you?) No, Fat Soh would stay home and wait until I finished running to take care of me at home."

Koo Tin Lok said that this Christmas he would not have to work and would spend time with his family, but not necessarily going on vacation. "Because the family doesn't like the traditional Christmas feast, they feel turkey met is very 'dry', burnt and doesn't taste good." Speaking of the film he invested in, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (BAK YUT JI HA)'s ideal box office performance, Goo Jai said that when he would have time he would attend the audience appreciation events with the actors as a show of support for the film team. Goo Jai stated that the box office success absolutely was very encouraging, as he felt new directors and new actors would be able to bring even more to Hong Kong films. He also revealed that he had a new subject like IN, however it would not just talk about current social events but a social phenomenon. The script was still under preparation, so he has yet to decide whether he would perform or not.

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