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Peter Chan Charm Man, Baby Bo, Rachel Leung, Jennifer Yu, producer Derek Yee, director Lawrence Kan, boss Louis Koo Tin Lok, Cath Wong and Henick Chou
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With the journalist profession and nursing home scandals as its subjects, the film IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (BAK YUN JI HA) on the first day of its second week in release exceeded HK$ 450,000 at its single day box office -- 20% more than its opening day box office. It also accumulated over HK$ 5 million and had the audience's support of domestic film. Earlier the film held a celebration. Boss Louis Koo Tin Lok, producer Derek Yee Tung Sing, director Lawrence Kan Kwan Chun, actors Jennifer Yu Heung Ying, Leung Chung Hang, Rachel Leung Yung Ting, Peter Chan Charm Man, Henick Chou Hon Ning, Baby Bo Pui Yu, Helen Tam Yuk Ying, and the theme song performer Cath Wong Yin.

Koo Tin Lok took time from his busy schedule to appear at the celebration and encourage the team to continue the effort. Wong Yin also in response to everyone's enthusiasm performed the theme song live. Goo Jai after hearing it thanked the team for helping him fulfill his dream. "Many years ago I have already told Yee Tung Sing, I wanted to make a movie that would be similar to his film THE LUNATICS (DIN LO JING JUEN), a movie with just as much a sense of community. I am very grateful to the cast and the crew for completing IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. The film also told the audience, we Hong Kong filmmakers have heart, have the ability to make a good movie." Yee Tung Sing said, "This movie approached its fifth company before getting the investment to start its production. Goo Jai soon after reading the script didn't considered long. He from an actor's angle felt this movie was good. Thank you to you both."

Jennifer Yu Heung Ying and Leung Yung Ting with IN BROAD DAYLIGHT have been nominated for Golden Horse Award Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. Yu Heung Ying said, "This morale isn't just limited to us, but also motivated the entire film industry. All of the viewers and friends around me after watching IN BROAD DAYLIGHT have told other people to watch it, which is very wonderful. I am very grateful to everyone who have helped us." Leung Yung Ting said, "Our entire team has a lot of morale, with a lot of love. We are very supportive of each other." Chan Charm Man has watched IN BROAD DAYLIGHT twice, the second time he cried harder than the first. He recommended that if anyone are looking for an emotional release, they can watch it a few more times. Chou Hon Ning pointed out that his friends have been discussing this film, which has already successfully brought out the purpose of a movie. Bo Pui Yu in the film played a mean nurse. She was happy to receive recognition for playing this type of role for the first time. She thanked the director, the producer and the cast, hoping that even more viewers would support Hong Kong films.

Since the film's release, it has become the single day box office champion for multiple days. Director Kan again thanked the audience for their support. "I didn't give myself a box office target. I hope that the movie would be able to go even further, at the same time make the audience think."

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