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Andy Lau says the hardest part of the new film is handling the action scenes as well as the dramatic tension

Hedwig Tam feels surprised to be offered a role in I DID IT MY WAY
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The Andy Lau Tak Wa, Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Eddie Peng Yu-Yan, Cya Liu, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Lam Suet and Kent Cheng Juk Si starred film I DID IT MY WAY (CHIM HUNG) yesterday released its first production special "Hong Kong Film Awards line up", the actors in the film shared their experience of participating in this blockbuster. Also the producer, Wa Jai even revealed that the screenplay has been under preparation for a very long time already. In the film whether the story or the action scenes would all strive to innovate, putting all their hearts and energy into creating a crime action epic.

Footage from the first was unveiled in the production special, in the opening the villain Wa Jai leaned over the roof and looked with purpose. It also had exciting scenes like Peng Yu-Yan and Lam Ka Tung's fire fight. Wa Jai said emotionally, "I want to hack into the police station, I want to know who is the traitor!" As the producer and the star, Wa Jai this time worked many jobs, and needed to take care of different parts. He said, "I DID IT MY WAY this screenplay has been brewing for many years already. We studied a dark web drug trade case from several years ago, spent a very long time to turn this story into closer to the modern world. In this film, we not only had to handle the action but also the dramatic tension. I feel this is the hardest part for us."

Making the trip to Hong Kong for the shoot, Peng Yu-Yan expressed that this collaboration has made him rather excited and fun. He pointed, "Although earlier I have worked with Brother Wa Jai and Brother Ka Tung, we didn't have any real scenes together. We also have Big Brothers Lam Suet and Yam Tat Wa. On the set I held a learning attitude to work on the movie with them." The most memorable part from the shoot for Philip Keung Ho Man was the action scenes in the hail of bullets. He said, "We were all trapped inside a warehouse, with explosions, machine guns, hand grenades, even I who have worked on so many gun fight scenes was surprised."

As the producer Wa Jai also wanted through this film to enable the new generation of substance actors to participate in the big production, and truly pass the torch. Playing Ka Tung's wife in the film, Hedwig Tam Sin Yin said that she felt very surprised to be invited to perform. She admitted, "Because when I was approached it wasn't for an audition, but to confirm me for the role. It was the first time I saw such a large scale table read, with many different camera set up and Best Actors, Best Actresses and Hong Kong Film Award frequent guests. Everyone was around me the newer actor, which I felt was a very fortunate thing." Playing an expert hacker in the film, Lau Chun Him enjoyed working with the team very much. He said, "When I got to the set it was great, the screenwriting team, Mr. Lau, the director and others, many people told me about the world of hackers, with many offensive and defensive battles between the police and hackers." Chu Kam Yin said that although the process was difficult, looking back the shoot was happy and very enthusiastic.

I DID IT MY WAY would be Lam Ka Tung and Wa Jai's 17th collaboration and their chemistry remained. Lam Ka Tung said that Wa Jai told him that he had this script. Later they had a meeting and everyone thought that it should be made as soon as possible. Yam Tat Wa when receiving Wa Jai's invitation to perform agreed right away. He believed in director Jason Kwan Chi Yiu and have worked together many times. He was a very famous cinematographer, he could turn the movie into an alternative police film.

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