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First time Golden Horse Best Actor nominee Wu Kang-ren wins on his first try with ABANG ADIK  

12 year old Best Actress Audrey Lin gets emotional as she cries from the audience to the stage

Lin Chiling makes an elegant appearance and is under a 'hickey" suspicion

Brigitte Lin accepts the Lifetime Achievement Award

Best Actress nominee Jennifer Yu

Greg Hsu is full of self confidence

Vivian Sung

Gwai Lun-Mei adds color to the red carpet

Angela Yuen

TIME STILL TURNS THE PAGES' Best Supporting Actor nominee Sean Wong attend with Hanna Chan

Nick Cheuk sweetly thanks his girlfriend for this award

Terrance Lau holds his twin Fandy Fan's hand as they appear on the stage
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12 year old Audrey Lin defeats many elders to win the Golden Horse Best Actress award.  She promises that she would keep working hard.

Wu Kang-ren in ABANG ADIK plays a hearing impaired character and wins the Golden Horse Best Actor award as the favorite

Nick Cheuk wins Best New Director and thanks his girlfriend for walking with him out of the darkness

Yoyo Tse with FLY ME TO THE MOON wins Best New Performer

The Ho Sze-wai directed, written and shot BEFORE THE BOX GETS EMPTIED wins Best Live Action Short

Brigitte Lin accepts her Lifetime Achievement Awards and thank publicly husband Ying Lee Yuen and their 3 daughters

Jennifer Yu walks the red carpet with the IN BROAD DAYLIGHT team
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The 60th Golden Horse Awards took place last night in Taipei. The most eye catching battle of Best Actor finally went to Wu Kang-ren with ABANG ADIK, as for Best Actress TROUBLE GIRL's Audrey Lin became the youngest Golden Horse Best Actress at age 12! On the red carpet, "Taiwan's number one supermodel" Lin Chiling got attention with a "hickey" on her chest that instantly became the focus. She explained that it was a scar from a past film injury.

As for the results, Taiwan actor Akio Chen with OLD FOX defeated the favorite Bowie Lam Bo Yi for Best Supporting Actor; Beatrice Fang with DAY OFF won Best Supporting Actress; Hong Kong representative Yoyo Tse Wing Yan with FLY ME TO THE MOON won Best New Performer. Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching Ha) and director Chen Kun-hou both received the "Lifetime Achievement Awards". Lam Ching Ha accepted the award from Ang Lee and received a standing ovation from the entire audience. She also made rare mentions of her husband Ying Lee Yuen and her 3 daughters, thanking them for always letting her do what she liked to do.

Lin Chiling and famous Japanese director Takeshi Kitano presented "Best New Director". Returning to the Golden Horse Awards stage after many years, she first introduced herself in her trademark girlie voice. Takeshi Kitano humorously said in Japanese that he was "Akira", the name of Lin Chiling's husband, which made her smile and praised him as "very cute"!

"Best New Director" went to Hong Kong director Nick Cheuk Yik Him for TIME STILL TURNS THE PAGES (NIN SIU YUT GEI). He thanked the film's cast and crew and his family. He also revealed that during the production he fell into depression, and thanked his girlfriend for always being by his side. "Thank you for your love, your beautiful soul accompanied me out of the darkness. I love you!" His girlfriend also broke down in the audience. He said in his interview that when he watched the opening short film and saw Sylvia Chang say that film would keep rolling, he was moved to tears because when he was making TIME he thought about whether he would keep making movies. He felt that making films in Hong Kong would have some difficulties. After 10 years of screenwriting his income was not steady, and his family was very worried. "I became fat and depressed, I didn't have the money to get married. I really like movies, how can I change jobs. The feeling was very complicated."

Earlier at the Golden Horse Awards nominee luncheon TIME also won the "audience's choice Best Film", and FLY ME TO THE MOON (DAN YUEN YUT CHEUNG GAU) won the "Prix FIPRESCI". The Hong Kong director Ho Sze-wai directed short film BEFORE THE BOX GETS EMPTIED won the Best Live Action Short Film. "I don't dare to say this work is perfect, but this is the proof of hard work. I really want to thank them, including our Taiwan friends in the audience, and various colleague in Hong Kong." Director Ho advised Hong Kong people to bravely use their own footsteps to properly life until they could see the other side. "In the end I hope myself and everyone who is living in Hong Kong can be even braver, even strongly to use their own footsteps to march forward, properly live life, don't forget everything that is important to them until we can see the other side." Hong Kong animation MONSOON BLUE also won Best Animated Short Film. The event also remembered the late music diva Coco Lee Man during the in memoriam segment.

Also a part of the opening introduction like Yuen Lai Lam, Hong Kong representative Terrance Lau Chun Him with the series AT THE MOMENT rose to fame in Taiwan. When he and his "twin" Taiwan artist Fandy Fan presented the Best Visual Effects, they even appeared holding hands. He introduced himself as "I am the Hong Kong Fandy Fan" and cracked up the audience.

Despite being frequently ridiculed for his rotten Putonghua, on the red carpet he still insisted on using the dialect and said that 10 years ago he worked in Taiwan. He felt happy to return this time, even when he was being made fun of. Speaking of "making the sacrifice" for AT that has been widely popular, he joked that many people seemed to have seen his rear.

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