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Jennifer Yu in IN BROAD DAYLIGHT plays a reporter who uncovers a scandal at a nursing home and is nominated for the Golden Horse Award Best Actress

Leung Chung Hang (front left) and Jennifer Yu have been attending audience appreciation shows nonstop

Despite having only a few shows, the ENCORE 4K digitally restored edition has made near HK$ 500,000 in 4 days in a decent showing.

Dark comedy ONE NIGHT IN SCHOOL made around HK$ 1.3 million in 4 days

The Taiwan star Ethan Juan starred THE PIG, THE SNAKE AND THE PIGEON has HK$ 750,000 so far.

BAND FOUR's performance has only been average, with HK$ 1.2 million in 18 days
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The films IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (BAK YUT JI HA), ONE NIGHT IN SCHOOL (YEH HAU), THE PIG, THE SNAKE AND THE PIGEON and ENCORE (HOK CHOI) 4K digital restoration edition all opened on Thursday (November 2nd). Involving social topics, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT with word of mouth won out. After 4 days in release its box office exceeded HK$ 3.4 million, from Friday to Sunday it even became the single day box office champion. The performance has been encouraging. Lead actress Jennifer Yu Heung Ying has been busy with the audience appreciation show tour. She said, "I never thought that I would get teary eyed every time at the after screening exchanges with the audience." Director Lawrence Kan Kwan Chun was grateful that the film has received raves from different sections and touched him. Many have flooded the internet with praises, strongly recommended the film as a 2023 must see.

IN BROAD DAYLIGHT after its release has had a strong momentum. As of Sunday its cumulative box office has exceeded HK$ 3.4 million. Also released on the same day was the dark comedy ONE NIGHT IN SCHOOL (YEH HAU). Starring MC Cheung Tin Fu and Ling Man Lung, the film's cumulative box office was around HK$ 1.3 million; the Ethan Juan (Yuen King Tin) starred THE PIG, THE SNAKE AND THE PIGEON made around HK$ 750,000; the 43 year old film ENCORE (HOK CHOI) after 4K digital restoration was released anew. Despite having only a few shows, their admission rates were high as the cumulative box office was near HK$ 500,000 in a decent showing; the Kay Tse On Kay and Teddy Robin Kwan starred BAND FOUR (4 PAK 4 GA JOOK) after 18 days in release made HK$ 1.2 million, a performance that did not meet its expectation.

The Derek Yee Tung Sing produced, Lawrence Kan Kwan Chun written and directed, Jennifer Yu Heung Ying, Bowie Lam Bo Yi, Leung Chung Hang, Rachel Leung Yung Ting, Peter Chan Charm Man, John Chiang Dai Wai and Henick Chou Hon Ning starred IN BROAD DAYLIGHT was based on a series of real life nursing home incidents. The story has led to wide spread discussion as the community also booked shows on its own. The media care partner "BlessVision Foundation" earlier invited people in education and social welfare to enjoy the film. Viewers all had a lot to say about the film, praising its serious production, actors of all ages' outstanding performance. They also appreciated the film widening the young people's vision in life education, awakening their kindness and sympathy.

The cast after the film release has been attending audience appreciation events nonstop to thank everyone for liking and supporting the film. Yu Heung Ying pointed out that each time when she had exchanges with the viewers after the show, she would have very deep emotions. She even pointed out that when she heard the viewers' stories she could not help but get teary eyed.

Yu Heung Ying said that the earlier "celebrity screening" received support of many in the industry, including Teresa Mo Shun Kwan, Louis Cheung Kai Chung and Kenny Wong Tak Bun, and many artist friends have taken the initiative to recommend he film on social media platforms. With the film receiving reaction from different parts of the community, she recalled the most recent audience appreciation event. "I never thought that I would be tear eyed at every audience appreciation show. Aside from social workers, former journalists also shared their experience. They thanked us for shooting this subject, they wanted to cry a little while sharing as they hoped even more of the younger generation would join the reporter ranks. When I heard I got teary eyed too. Relatives of the nursing home residents' thanked the film for bringing up the cases again; they hoped that even more people would pay attention to them, and no similar cases would ever happen. I hope more people would go to see the movie, not just for the box office but also someone would see this subject or our production effort."

Director Kan Kwan Chun was grateful that the film received good reviews from different sections. Many viewers after the screenings shared their stories, which moved me very much. "A viewer said that his wife works at a nursing home. After watching the movie he finally understands how tough it has been for his wife. He also feels that the effort that his wife has contributed before is without any regret or guilt. Finally he said that his wife passed away from illness a month before. We were all very sentimental, this viewer feels that this movie for him and his wife is a kind of release."

Chou Hon Ning has been working hard at audience appreciation event and been just as touched with the stories viewers shared after the screenings. He hoped that the movie would be able to affect even more people. "I am very grateful for everyone believing in the power that this movie has brought. I feel that it's a kind of trust that everyone has for the movie, I really want even more people to go and watch it."

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