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With her popularity, how can the TABLE FOR SIX sequel be without Lin Minchen?
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Lin Minchen, Stephy Tang and Ivana Wong would have to think of something new to thank the audience with
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Ivana Wong, Stephy Tang and Lin Minchen have confidence in the sequel's box office

Director Sunny Chan reveals that TABLE FOR SIX 2 would continue the previous film's story

New additions to the cast Gardner Tse, Dee Ho and Jeffrey Ngai promote the film

Law Lan and Louis Cheung
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Next year's Lunar New Year film TABLE FOR SIX 2 (FAN HEI GUNG SUM 2) promoted at a theme park with its actors Louis Chueng Kai Chung, Stephy Tang Lai Yan, Lin Minchen, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, Jeffrey Ngai Chun Sun, Wu Fung and Helena Law Lan, director Sunny Chan Wing Sun and others. They also revealed the film promotional song BANQUET SONG (FAN YIN GOR) music video. However, the director confirmed that "Big Brother" from the first film Dayo Wong Tze Wah did not participate. According to the story Tze Wah's character wanted to go overseas and find his dream.

TABLE FOR SIX was the Hong Kong comedy film champion. Since the sequel would be without the soul character Wong Tze Wah, no one knew how much that would affect the box office. Director Chan Wing Sun said that he would only focus on making the story and not think too much about the box office. "This was 'Big Brother's' personal decision, Our family of course would respect him. Ultimately we would have the opportunity to work together again." Director Chan said that the sequel would be a continuation of the first film's story. Despite being without Tze Wah, he still has not thought about changing the film title. In addition other characters would be dug even more in depth into. He believed that viewers who liked the first film would be even more intense. Director Chan even said, "Tze Wah listened to Ma and left the house to find his dreams elsewhere. The previous film revolved around 5 meals, this time would revolve around 3 weddings. I of course hope that Tze Wah would be able to participate, but because this time was a complete story no shot with Tze Wah would be added."

Promoted to "Big Brother" in the sequel, Cheung Kai Chung said that the film was a team. Since the previous film they have already established great chemistry, as an actor he would also see it as a challenge. When asked if he had any box office pressure, Ah Chung said, "As an actor I can't control that, when making the first film everyone put an effort into it, no one would have imagined the box office success it would become." Cheung Kai Chung said that after working with Tze Wah they have already become good friends. Although he did not appear this time, in some scenes he would think of him; which was also able to help him get into character. As for whether the script needed a lot of changes, Director Chan admittedthat the story had some changes. "I wanted the 6 leads to have even more development and growth, but whether 6 or 5 I still have to keep going." Would he make a third film, even wait for Wong Tze Wah's return, Director Chan and Ah Chung both said, "You have to ask the audience, the boss and Big Brother!"

Wong Yuen Chi said that after learning Wong Tze Wah did not have a part she was very disappointed, but after reading the script she was not. As for her box office confidence, Wong Yuen Chi said that she hoped it would be 10 times the previous film's. Stephy said that although Tze Wah would not be present, his spirit would remain; Lin Minchen said that "Big Brother" Tze Wah went overseas, as "Big Sister in Law" she would be responsible for propping up the family. Speaking of Minchen thanking the audience with her singing for the previous film's success, would she wear bikini this time? She said, "Bikini is already outdated, now I need a new idea but I haven't thought of it yet." Stephy joked that this time the responsibility would be handed to Wong Yuen Chi. As for where their love lay in the film, they only said that when they watched the footage they would break into tears.

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