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Isabella Leong says that she is going full turbo for her comeback

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Ashley Lam happily reveals that her singing video has caught attention
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Elva Ni has been flying all over for work, but for Christmas she would stay in Hong Kong with her son
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Isabella Leong Lok Si, Ashley Lam Hoi Ling, Cloud Wan Ho Ying and Mandy Tam Man Huen two nights ago attended a Christmas lighting ceremony. Because the location was by the Tsim Sha Tsui harbor, the wind kept making Leong Lok Si tear up and the host had to hand tissues for her to wipe away her tears.

Leong Lok Si joked that she was very moved to host the lighting ceremony, feeling that her tears just kept coming out. The Leong Lok Si starred film BURSTING POINT (BAU LIT DIM) would open early next month and she would remain busy with the promotion, so she has not planned to travel for Christmas. If her three sons would be able to go she would like to bring them to watch her performance, because normally she would share what happened at work with them. She knew that they looked forward to watching it very much. They have also watched her previous films BUG ME NOT! (CHUNG BUT JI) and ISABELLA. "My sons are very active, love to watch action films for the action and being cool. They feel I should play Cat Woman."

Leong Lok Si said that the older son is now 14 and the twin sons are 13, and she felt that they started to grow up. Now they liked to be with their own friends. "However they would encourage me to work. I am very touched. They said to me, 'We are grown, you should go back to work.' They wouldn't want to see me by myself all alone." Leong Lok Si stated that now she is returning full time, even going full "turbo" into work. Soon she would work on commercials and movies again. After retiring for years to focus on her sons, would she not be used to a full return? She smiled and said, "I am very tough and have strong tolerance to the sun. Earlier when I made BURSTING POINT I had to get a tan, I went under a dozen or so units of lights for 3 to 4 times a week. Once the schedule got too tight and my skin was burnt." She also said that her sons liked her with a tan, feeling that normally she would be pale and lacked the sunny disposition. However because the upcoming film requested her to be lighter, for now she could not get another tan.

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