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Chrissiie Chau 

Nick Cheung has fun at the expense of William Chan's romance 

Boss Albert Yeung and the cast and the crew celebrate Nick Cheung's birthday.

Isabella Leong may be busy with audience appreciation events during Christmas, but she believes that her 3 sons would not complain.
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William Chan avoids talking about his love life and Nick Cheung speaks up for him

Dante Lam is not worried about the category III rating would affect the box office, and Isabella Leong does not mind becoming a category III film star
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The film BURSTING POINT (BAU LIT DIM) two nights ago held its premiere. Nick Cheung Ka Fai, William Chan Wai Ting, Shaun Tam Chun Yin, Isabella Leong Lok Si, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, producer Dante Lam Chiu Yin, director Calvin Tong Wai Hon and Emperor Group chief Albert Yeung Sau Sing and his wife attended. The actors shared their production experience on the stage. The event even arranged for a cake for the actors to the birthday song and celebrate Cheung Ka Fai's 59th birthday on the 2nd next month. Ka Fai immediately made a wish and cut he cake. "I wish BURSTING POINT would take flight and be a box office hit." BURSTING POINT received a category III rating. Ka Fai was not afraid that would reduce the box office; Chan Wai Ting has waited over a decade to work with Lam Chiu Yin.

The actors shared their experience on the stage. Cheung Ka Fai said that this time he played a good guy, but being the good guy would be hard because that had many restrictions -- unlike playing a villain when he could do whatever he wanted. He said, "Earlier while making UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN) I broke my pinky, leaving me to think of Lam Chiu Yin every time I was unable to 'mine' (pick his nose) cleanly. However when I look at all the awards in the display case at home, I too would think of him." Lam Chiu Yin stated that last time when they made UNBEATABLE he made Ka Fai break his finger. This time in BURSTING POINT he made his break his leg. "However he always tells me to act for him, half of your awards are mine!" Ka Fai joked, "Then we should see which of us pass first, if you would go first, I would take half a awards and bury them with you!"

Chan Wai Ting remembered attending the BEAST STALKER (JING YUN) and the STOOL PIGEON (JING YUN) premieres. He saw boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing led Ka Fai and Ting Fung to the appearance. After watching the film he has never forgotten them. He really wanted to receive this opportunity. "Then this time Director Lam actually saw me. I thank the director very much for taking a glance at me. Life doesn't have many opportunities to be seen by people. I have waited for over a decade."

Ka Fai revealed that he only found out about BURSTING POINT's category III rating two days ago. "This time would be the first category III film in my career, but I can accept that." Ka Fai and William made the jump to become category III film actors for the first time. They were not worried that the rating would lose young viewers and the box office would be affected. Instead they felt that not making a single cut at all helped making the film more attractive, which was another selling point.

Producer Lam Chiu Yin also joked that this time the film "burst" to category III, actually during the shoot he already expected it. The boss also gave him free rein, so he would not make any edit to turn the film category II. In addition in the past his films NAKED AMBITION (HO CHING) and OPERATION RED SEA were both rated category III. He considered himself a habitual category III film director, so he would not worry about the box office effects. Instead he would get his all to the production.

Leong Lok Si said that in the film she had her share of fight scenes, but she did not get her fill. She even instantly wanted Lam Chiu Yin to give her and Ka Fai more scenes together next time. Chau Sau Na also raised her hand as she wanted fight scenes next time too. She and Leong Lok Si did not mind following the team to go to cinemas for audience appreciation events, even 100 shows would be no problem. Leong Lok Si said that Mommy could take care of her three sons, and the children would not whine. "They are now already big kids, we get along like buddies." She also said that her sons all wanted to watch her new film, but with the category III rating they would not be admitted.

Ka Fai and William also said that he would put an effort into running between cinemas in Hong Kong and the mainland for audience appreciation shows. Ka Fai said, "I estimate that running to 100 shows would take awhile, I have a running life, of course I hope to divide up the troops into two routes so it wouldn't be so tough. However the film company probably wants the two of us to go together." Would he not be able to spend Christmas with his family? Ka Fai said, "It doesn't matter to me, when she (wife Esther Kwan Wing Ho) married me I was acting too." However he did not want to let his wife and daughter to go on vacation, ultimately he would like the whole family to go. Speaking of Ka Fai's "big brother" Jacky Cheung Hok You would perform concerts soon, Ka Fai said that business has been keeping him busy. If he would have the time he definitely would show his support.

As for Twins would also perform their concerts in January next year, would William attend to support his old flame Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin? He frowned and said, "You really like to ask questions like these, sigh......" Ka Fai immediately spoke up for him, "He would come to my home for karaoke." William then added, "I wish big success for their concerts, I learned from the news that the response has been great. Many people couldn't get tickets."

Ka Fai also joked that for Christmas he wanted to go skiing in Japan with William. William stated that he was an avid skier, almost every winter he would take time off to go skiing. Did he celebrate his recent birthday with his girlfriend? He said, "What girlfriend? I did a live stream on my birthday!" He has been rumored to have a foreign girlfriend and He Sui? He asked not to make him sound like such a player. Ka Fai said that he was not sure whether William was single. "Speaking of He Sui I have heard, but we haven't talked about her. It's his private life, youth is wasted if you don't play the field." William stated, "I don't play the field!" Ka Fai joked that he was very lame, when he was young he did not play enough. However more life experience was a good thing as well. William said, "I am grown, growing slowly for everyone to see. I am a big boy, Mommy hasn't rushed me to get married yet."

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