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Gordon Lam and Andy Lau reprise their scene from BROTHERHOOD

Terrance Lau, Gordon Lam, Cya Liu, Andy Lau, director Kwan Chi Yiu, Simon Yam, Eddie Peng, Chu Kam Yin and Philip Keung promote I DID IT MY WAY
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Yesterday the holiday crime action film I DID IT MY WAY (CHIM HUNG) at the 2023 Golden Rooster Hundred Flower Film Festival held a press conference. I DID IT MY WAY has been scheduled for a mainland release on December 29th. Andy Lau Tak Wa produced, director Kwan Chi Yiu directed, Wa Jai, Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Eddie Peng Yu-Yan, Cya Liu starred in the film with a special performance by Simon Yam Tat Wa. Aside from the dark net crime subject and extremely stimulating battle between good and evil, another big bright spot of the film was Wa Jai playing a villain again after 16 years and turned into the behind the scene drug lord who controlled the "dark net".

The film I DID IT MY WAY released the "vicious character" trailer and poster. After the trailer release, many was knocked over by the Wa Jai played drug lord's "viciousness". Aside from the silence of killing off any witness and the arrogant of selling off all the drugs, the conflicting appearance in front of and behind people gave the hair on the back of the neck of many online stand up. In the trailer, the Wa Jai played Lam Chun On a second before was a "warm husband" who went with his wife for check up. In the next second he "dove" into the dark net world and control a gigantic amount drug trade.

Wa Jai at the press conference admitted, "This subject of drug trade has not left our lives. After 16 years, drugs still occupy the criminal space, affect youth of a different era. I hope to continue to remind everyone." He also said that earlier in PROTEGE (MOON TOH) Brother Kwun died for one person. This time I DID IT MY WAY would be Brother Kwun's continuation.

Wa Jai also was called the most "vicious" character by the cast. Aside from his performance was "vicious" enough, as a producer he also had to be just as vicious for the film and himself. Wa Jai from I DID IT MY WAY's script conception stage has already participated, witnessed the film starting from zero. Wa Jai aside from showing vicious side with the on screen villain but also as a producer. Ka Tung who has worked with Wa Jai for over 20 years said that he has already seen Wa Jai's viciousness long ago. "From the first day when I left the television station, he wouldn't let me make another television series, vicious! He let me slowly start over, vicious! From now he is the producer, even more vicious! Everyday he watched the director how to adjust us into performance, we had a lot of pressure." Playing a cop in the film, Eddie pointed out that Wa Jai during his performance was rather vicious. He remembered in one scene he and his superior Yam Tat Wa interrogated Wa Jai. Eddie said that Wa Jai scared him. "I remember suddenly during the rehearsal, Wa Jai and Brother Wa started arguing, then took a chair, smashed it hard onto the ground and almost hit me. The confrontation between them immediately scared me off. I almost got out of character, almost tried to talk the two of them against fighting as a fan." Director Kwan Chi Yiu thanked Wa Jai's advice, pointing that he "viciously" dared to let him turn from the cinematographer to the director and direct I DID IT MY WAY.

The actors brought out their photos with Wa Jai to share their connections. Yam Tat Wa has known Wa Jai for 40 years, as the screen showed stills from their television series collaboration. Yam Tat Wa admitted that seeing Wa Jai still active in the film industry, he did not dare to lightly say retirement. He and Wa Jai both would not retire.

Cya Liu around 10 years ago worked with Wa Jai on LOST AND LOVE (SUT GOO). She said that the last time she played a "midwife", this time she played Wa Jai's wife and in the film she outright gave birth to his son. Keung Ho Man and Chu Kam Yin shared their SHOCKWAVE (CHAK DAN JUEN GA) photos. Keung Ho Man thanked Wa Jai for giving him the opportunity to win his first Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor; Chu Kam Yin found his first silver screen collaboration with Wa Jai unforgettable and felt incredible. Playing Wa Jai's criminal group subordinate, Lau Chun Him shared their backstage photo. He said that at the time he just finally a play. "He left a deep impression on me, Wa Jai was the first person to wait for us backstage. Sometimes finishing a two to three hour performance would be very rough, getting such a great encouragement was very moving."

Wa Jai has always cultivated the younger generations. Lam Ka Tung was one of the actors he lent a hand to as they worked together on over 17 films. Wa Jai said, "I have always had a dream, hoping that he would be my company's lead actor. The appearance of the film FIRESTORM was because of this." Lam Ka Tung thanked Wa Jai, from him he learned to be more than just an actor but also a person. They reprised their classic scene from BROTHERHOOD (HING DAI), showing their chemistry with their eyes and action. Wa Jai had confidence in I DID IT MY WAY, as the actors looked forward to word of mouth and box office success.

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