Thursday, November 2, 2023


Francis Ng forces his co-stars' hand for the most realistic result

Eddie Cheung still performs despite being injured
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Wallace Chung and Francis Ng perform many of the action scenes
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Wallace Chung Hon Leung, Francis Ng Chun Yu and Eddie Cheung Siu Fai starred in the film DEATH STRANDING (KUN SAU) will open soon. The film would have a massive amount of gun fights, car chases, explosions and close combat. All three personally performed many of the films' dangerous action scenes, the crisp action and professionalism have won them many praises.

Ng Chun Yu during the shoot did not hold back at all. In one scene in which he was hit in the head, for the best results he insisted on his co-star to grab his hair and smash his face hard. He kept encouraging his co-star, "Relax, hit hard for real. The shot wouldn't just be realistic but also the fastest to achieve what the director asks. If you hold back, we would only have a bad take and have to do it again. Then it would be even worse." Cheung Siu Fai in a gun fight suffered a scratch on his face from the shattered glass, but he only had a simple cleaning before continuing the shoot.

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