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Carlos Chan keeps crashing Michelle Wai's dates

Chu Pak Hong, Hedwig Tam, Renci Yeung, Kaki Sham at the READY O/R ROT premiere
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The film READY O/R ROT (BUT YUT SING FUN 2) two nights ago held a premiere. Emperor Group chief Albert Yeung Sau Sing and his wife, actors Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Michelle Wai Sze Nga, Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling), Chu Pak Hong, Kaki Sham, Renci Yeung Sze Wing, Hedwig Tam Sin Yin, Susan Shaw Yam Yam, Kenny Kwan Chi Bun and Catherine Chau Ka Yi attended. Ka Lok looked rather stylish in a long black coat. He pointed out that his wife Shiga Lin helped him coordinate. He even picked up a guitar and performed the film theme song with Chu Pak Hong and Kaki Sham to warm up the event and received everyone's applause. Ka Lok pointed out that at home the mother in law and the daughter in law were on the same side so they had no dispute, as he and Shiga actively tried for a baby.

Ka Lok said that he has been attending audience appreciation shows for several days in a row. Viewers after watching the film asked him about real life in law relationship issues. He said that his wife Shiga had a very close relationship with her mother in law. "My wife and Ma would always chat on the phone and talk behind my back. They have already formed an alliance against me. I of course wouldn't be 'without thunder' like that jerk in the film, but seeing how good their relationship has been, I would continue to create the jerk character."

Once at the READY O/R KNOT premiere, Sze Nga's niece revealed Ka Lok and Shiga's relationship. Two nights ago her niece was also present. Sze Nga asked her niece whether she had any more secrets to expose? Ka Lok nervously drove the child away first, then was asked whether he was afraid that she would reveal Shiga was with child? He turned red and denied that, "No, even if we are pregnant she wouldn't know. Shiga and I are very naturally trying, nothing deliberate, no protection, if we are we would be happy, if not then we would leave it to nature."

Ka Lok pointed out that because of the pandemic, he and Shiga were trapped at home and got to know each other's real faces. "So when I proposed I also used the dialogue from the movie. In the film Wai Sze Nga and I were trapped inside together for several years during the pandemic, but we haven't chop each other to death. Because this dialogue was too ingrained into the mind, during the proposal I accidentally delivered the line. When my wife would come to watch later, I have already made preparations. When you go to see the movie you would know which line. I hope I would be fine!" Sze Nga who took part in planning the proposal joked that before Shiga cried, as soon as Ka Lok got into the door he was already moved to tears. Ka Lok joked, "In this business I have seen everything, I only haven't seen a marriage proposal!"

Ka Lok immediately struck back and asked about Sze Nga's love life. She said that actually she had many suitors and even revealed that earlier while on a date with a guy Ka Lok who once lived in the same housing estate caught them. "Very often I would have just met a guy, at the first dinner date we would run into Chan Ka Lok. It has happened at least two or three times." Ka Lok joked, "You intended to dodge me, but destiny wanted me to see!"

Sze Nga also believed in destiny. At first when Ka Lok and Shiga dated, she too has run into them. However whenever Ka Lok met the guys Sze Nga dated, he would be happy for her each time. Because she was too strong and too career minded, very few guys would approach her. "Each time I would smile from the heart, but each time she would be smiling very awkwardly."

Sze Nga stressed that lately the guys she has been dating were industry outsiders. If something happened, she would tell everyone before she would even tell her parents. Ka Lok joked, "I would definitely be the first to know, everyone can ask me to respond then; but she has great eyes, all the guys she goes out with a good guys."

Yeung Sze Wing and Tam Sin Yin have already worked together four times and also become good friends. In the past Tam Sin Yin even went on vacation to Taiwan with Yeung Sze Wing. Yeung Sze Wing pointed out that at the time she was a little lost due to a company and not over relationship issue.

Tam Sin Yin smiled and pointed out that she was single and she would not have the opportunity to talk about relationships even if she wanted to. In addition she hid herself and rarely communicate with others. Yeung Sze Wing joked that she wanted to introduce guys, she would have to chop open this iceberg of hers. However that would be difficult because she was a big guy and also wanted fiery passion to melt away this iceberg. Wu Tsz Tung would be a suitable choice, but Tam Sin Yin spoke up and declined. She said that she and Tsz Tung have known each other for years and were already good friends. Speaking of READY OR KNOT, Tam Sin Yin performed a sexy pole dance. This time the director asked her to sing and dance; but her singing was very hard to listen to. The director still convinced her. Finally in the film she performed a pop song, she even beg he original performer for advice. Would Yeung Sze Wing treat her boyfriend Owen Cheung Chun Long to watch the movie? She joked, "Tell him to buy his own ticket, once wouldn't be enough as he has to watch a few more times. We have to generate box office."

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