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Elaine Jin in the new film plays the mother in law, and commends the subject for being relatable
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The Anselm Chan Mau Yin directed film READY O/R ROT (BUT YUT SING FUN 2) aside from the original team of Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Michelle Wai Sze Nga, Chu Pak Hong, Hedwig Tam Sin Yin, Kaki Sham and Renci Yeung Sze wing from the previous film also added good actor Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling) as Chan Ka Lok's mother. Future daughter in law Wai Sze Nga must first get past her future mother in law before being able to get married. Kam Yin Ling after experiencing illness has learned to cherish the present and urge the new generation to have more experience, only have they experienced rises and falls would they have endurance.

Director Chan Mau Yin after making READY O/R KNOT (BUT YUT SING FUN) has already considered the second and third installation for a full trilogy. In the first installment Chan Ka Lok and Wai Sze Nga finally got married. The second would be about the relationship between mother in law and daughter in law. The third installment wanted to conceive a reality show to shoot Ka Lok and Wai Sze Nga going to the delivery room to have the baby live. "I have arranged for Wai Sze Nga to do other things, so everyday I would call Ka Lok to rush him to have a baby." Kam Yin Ling smiled and said, "Unfortunately I couldn't, otherwise I would help you shoot it." Kam Yin Ling said that the mother in law role in the film like her own personality was direct enough. Chan Mau Sing stated that when he was a young screen writer he has already worked with Kam Yin Ling on the television series CENTRAL AFFAIRS. When he wrote the READY O/R ROT script, OFF PEDDER was on television and he heard a familiar voice. He immediately felt that it was very suitable for the mother in law role. Kam Yin Ling said tht she has always been curious about why he would ask her to perform, now after finding out the reason she would have to thank TVB.

However Kam Yin Ling this time gave her acting bug its fill, mainly the film subject was relatable. The dialogue was snarky and required performing with a sharp tongue, quite the Hong Kong film uniqueness. Certain scenes also moved her. She believed that only the director who was also the screenwriter would be able to make the results that he wanted. Kam Yin Ling also praised her on screen son Chan Ka Lok and future daughter in law Wai Sze Nga were also very nice, which made her feel the current actors are very lucky. "The actors before would have to try their luck alone, already happy with getting to work they weren't concerned with the reward. Actors now have company packaging and take, but they all looked very tough. They still needed a little more experience, after experiencing rises and falls would they have endurance and self confidence." Chan Ka Lok and Wai Sze Nga both mentioned her, agreeing that as soon as they saw her they saw the presence. After getting along for while they realized that she was very intimate. Kam Yin Ling admitted that at work she did not like to chat, she would focus on performing each scene well. Thus she looked very cruel and even has been mistaken her as being hard to get along with. "I only have one principle, co-stars who want to work together before taking their marks would be ready. In particular making emotional scenes I even hope the most original first shot would be the most realistic. I am not a designer actor, I follow my heart and my emotions to perform." Summing up Ka Lok and Sze Nga, she felt they both absolutely passed. however of course everyone had space to improve. She too would not speak up with advice as the elder. "Unless when they perform their pace would affect me, then we would study together how to make everyone perform more comfortably. The director is watching everyone's acting, the call lies with the director as well."

This film was in production during the height of the pandemic. Kam Yin Ling stated that she once was a cancer patient, she was a little afraid in crowds so the production tried not to gather too many people. As for her current health condition, she revealed, "I am OK, chemotherapy, electrotherapy, removal surgery, everything that could be done has been done. I hope it won't come back." Kam Yin Ling looked back at the past few years, especially the two years when she was sick. Having one cancer after another made her have many different views on life. "I used to want to go out all the time, have dinner with friends, I would never stay at home; but after getting sick, I realized that where I lived was very comfortable. Having a space like this I am already very lucky, so now I very rarely meet people outside. I wouldn't spend money casually either, because I don't know what would happen. I have learned to cherish everything I have now, I already feel very grateful!"

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