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Gordon Lam reveals that his directing dream would come true soon.
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The Jonathan Li Tsz Chun directed second feature film DUST TO DUST (DAI BAK GOR YIM YI YUN) again asked his friend Gordon Lam Ka Tung to play a role. Although this time the character was very reserved, but Ka Tung pointed out that the character's inner world was very exciting. He especially liked the theme song ONE GAME ONE DREAM (YUT CHEUNG YAU HEI YUT CHEUNG MUNG), feeling that the life is like a dream and a drama. In show business he has served in many positions, just not a director yet. He has been heading toward this direction and believed that he would be able to fulfill the dream very soon.

Lam Ka Tung in the new film DUST TO DUST played the role from young to old age. Viewers would be able to see his personality eased, the change in his attitude was greater than of his appearance. Ka Tung in particular liked the theme song ONE GAME ONE DREAM. "We have lived certain years, with joy and regret, finally looking back, actually it has been one game one dream, all of which were very fitting to the film's subject."

He also praised how great this subject was; but even when everyone was willing to try a new subject, it might not be able to be reflected on the box office. Director Li Tsz Chun stated that he had no confidence in the DUST box office, but from the start when he has decided to make this movie he have never thought about the box office. He only thought that the script was very solid. Lam Ka Tung also understood the importance of the box office. Thus they both thanked producer Soi Cheang Pou Soi for his persistence and silliness that helped them held off investors, so they would be able to finish what they wanted to do.

Lam Ka Tung in recent years have worked more behind the scenes. Aside from acting, he has also produced and written screenplays. He has yet to direct. He revealed that he has been editing a script and believed that he would very soon be able to fulfill his directing dream. "I also hoped to add one more thin to my life journey. Having been an actor, a producer, a screen writer, I only haven't been a director. If I would do that too then it would be perfect. In the process of a game, you have to be able to answer to yourself. This is my dream, would I have the opportunity to fulfill it? If I do then I would try to make time to do it. If I am able to achieve that then I would be very happy. Without any goal or ideal life is very dull, so I wan to live with excitement. (Would your next step be returning to television?) Haha, that's also one game one dream."

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