Monday, November 6, 2023


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Yesterday Stephen Fung Tak Lun appeared at a bank event, and said that he did not expert in handling finances. Thus he had to hire professionals for help; however he was not a "big spender", most of his expenses would be on travel and hotel because he was a little demanding about those areas. He also revealed that he and his wife Shu Qi maintained financial independence. He also said that his wife handled finances better than he would. She would even buy paintings and art for investment.

Originally he was planning to work on a U.S. series, but due to the almost 4 month long Hollywood actor strike the series has been postponed for half a year and still had no production start date. He said that during his period he stayed in Hong Kong for work. He just finished one series and planned to direct and star in GEN X COPS 3 (DUT GAING SUN YUN LUI 3). He also revealed that the script was still being writing and he hoped to inject new bood onto the foundation of the original cast.

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