Thursday, November 23, 2023


Ann Bridgewater's daughter Natalie Hsu in her short career is already working on film after film
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The 19 year old "second generation star" Natalie Hsu (Hui Yan Yi) took part in the Emperor Motion Picture BURSTING POINT (BAU LIT DIM), in which she played a rebellious girl who constantly caused trouble. Speaking of this character, she admitted that it was drastically different from her own personality. "Looking back I seem to have never experienced adolescence, I have always been very good and self disciplined. Sometimes even Mommy (Ann Bridgewater) would speak up, want me to go out more and be a little bad. She feels that life has to have some experience for growth."

After around two years in the business, she has already made over 10 movies. Speaking of handling her salary, she said, "Save it first, I would only use it when necessary. I don't want to spend like crazy and make myself regret it later." Recently busy with the BURSTING promotion, she would also have to romance MIRROR member Ian Chan Cheuk Yin in a new film. However she boasted that she was full of energy, only needing a little break between movies before being able to continue. "For now I can't say they have been tough, the more the merrier!"

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