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Eddie Cheung in the film is cool and dignified, receiving the praises from "wife" Myolie Wu
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Working together for the first time, Myolie Wu praises Eddie Cheung's acting abilities

Maggie Siu does not want to win any award because she would not know what to say
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The film DEATH STRANDING (KWUN SAU) held its premiere two nights ago. Leads Eddie Cheung Siu Fai and Myolie Wu Hung Yi attended, and even had the support of friends like Maggie Siu Mei Kei, Yeung Yuk Mui, Hubert Wu Hung Kwan, Allen Ting Chi Long and STARS ACADEMY 2 trainee Sean Man Jor Hong.

Wu Hung Yi and Cheung Siu Fai played a couple on their first collaboration. Hung Yi even praised Brother Fai for his good acting and professionalism. In the film she challenged the role of a mob boss' wife for the first time, but her character did not need to be dominating as it required a little more tenderness. Playing the mob boss, Brother Fai joked that it was a new attempt for him too, because he hs never played such a dignified and dominating character. In the film he had his share of action scenes, just a fight scene in a car took a full week to shoot. In addition to explosions he also had to brave the rain. Because the fight scenes were too fierce he was injured, but he still insisted on working wounded until the shoot was completed.

Hung Yi earlier celebrates her birthday with a vacation in Japan with her husband. She said that this time they ditched their 3 sons to spend some quality time together. Did they go to try for another child? She said that she did not, she only felt that every year they would spend some time together for her birthday, but on the trip she had too much fun eating and returned with 8 more pounds. Early next month she would have to perform concerts in the U.S. with Girls' Night, so she would actively get back into shape. On the TVB anniversary night Mandy Wong Chi Man was very sexy, would they also be sexy when they performed as a girl group? Hung Yi said, "Man Chi was very pretty and very sexy for the anniversary, so let her to carry the sexy banner. My clothes are okay too, they are either revealing or sexy." On this trip to the U.S. Hung Yi revealed that her husband and sons would tag along, on Christmas Day they would return to Hong Kong to celebrate the holiday.

Cheung Siu Fai would perform in Foshan with Lawrence Ng Kai Wa and Michael Tao Dai Yu as a group. Would the guy group show off their muscles? Brother Fai answered, "We would be in suits, the masculine flavor would all naturally come out!"

Siu Mei Kei has not appeared in a long time. She said that she came to support Cheung Siu Fai. Currently she was resting but if someone would ask her to act, she would want to because her acting bug has been acting up. For now she would watch more movies as home work. Mainly she wanted to be focused on every project, which would be able to give herself a new feeling. What other character would she like to challenge? Maggie said, "I don't know, I would leave that for the director and the screenwriter to think about. Let's see what kind of character they would want me to play." As for television, she stated that earlier TVB and the mainland have contacted her but nothing came to fruition. Many online praised her acting, and cited that she has been owed a television Best Actress award. Maggie said, "I don't want to win any award, I am afraid I wouldn't know what to say. I want to thank everyone for asking me to make series. Actually I don't have to have any award, I enjoy the production process." She also felt that she has played many characters very well, she would deserve more than one Best Actress award. Maggie admitted that now she has been watching and paying attention to the performance of the younger generation now, but for her, she might be too demanding and her salary might be too high. Thus coming to an agreement has been difficult.

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