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Nick Cheuk humbly savors the two Golden Horse Awards and has not felt any pressure from being revealed to be the deputy secretary's son

Derek Yee is happy that Nick Cheuk wins Best New Director with his first feature

Sean Wong and Siuyea Lo are excited about TIME STILL TURNS THE PAGES' Golden Horse Awards

Nick Cheuk admits that he is planning to propose to his girlfriend
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The film TIME STILL TURNS THE PAGES (NIN SIU YUT GEI) won the Golden Horse Awards "audience's choice Best Film" and "Best New Director". Director Nick Cheuk Yik Him, producer Derek Yee Tung Sing and two of the film's actors Siuyea Lo Chun Yp and Sean Wong Tsz Lok two nights ago spoke about their award winning experience. Yee Tung Sing said that with movies he has produced, Cheuk Yik Him was the third to win the Best New Director award. He stated that 5 would be his goal. As for the Hong Kong Film Awards odds, he said that this year 46 films would compete. TIME was released at the end of the year and had an advantage timing wise. Two nights ago Cheuk Yik Him along with the film's producer Yee Tung Sing, actors Lo Chun Yip and Wong Tsz Lok met the media. Cheuk Yik Him savored the awards as he held them, admitting that they were surprises. "This film's subject is very heavy and would scare away viewers, thus receiving the awards and being recognized are very surprising. I personally am rather pessimistic, a willing participant. I studied film, to be able to gather with a group of filmmakers, interact and get along with each other I am already very happy." Cheuk Yik Him's father is Deputy Chief Secretary for Administration Cheuk Wing-hing, his identity as the "official's offspring" has caught attention. He said that he has not felt any pressure from it, after winning the award Papa was proud of him and praised him for being a good boy.

Cheuk Yik Him two nights ago with producer Yee Tung Sing, actors Lo Chun Yip and Wong Tsz Lok met the media. Speaking of the Deputy Chief Secretary for Administration Cheuk Wing-hing response to his relationship with him, "As parents, I am very happy that my son has a job he likes. I hope he would continue to work hard and live out his own sky."

Would Cheuk Yik Him feel any pressure from being revealed as a high ranking official's son? He said no pressure. He revealed that Father has always supported his filmmaking. His father has watched TIME STILL TURNS THE PAGES and also congratulated him on the award. "My parents are very traditional, their blessing lacks creativity. They just say proud of you, good boy." As for the Ronald Cheng Chung Kei played strict father in TIME STILL TURNS THE PAGES, did the character have any shade of Papa? Cheuk Yik Him said, "He isn't as strict, I just collected the data to define the strict father role."

Cheuk Yik Him at the Golden Horse Awards revealed that while making TIME STILL TURNS THE PAGES he had depression. He explained, "While writing the script I was very depressed. During the shoot I saw the actors and the crew, with more people I was much better." Cheuk Yik Him publicly thanked his girlfriend when he accepted the award, saying that her love and beautiful soul brought him out of the darkness. His girlfriend was moved to tears in the audience.

After winning the award, he said that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend. Cheuk Yik Him revealed that he has not officially propose yet, but he was planning to. Would he celebrate winning the award? He said that he just returned to Hong Kong two days ago, he has not celebrated yet. As soon as he returned to Hong Kong he had rice noodles to treat himself.

Yee Tung Sing was happy for Cheuk Yik Him for winning the Best New Director with his feature film. "With me as the producer for new director, Cheuk Yik Him is the third to win the New Director Award. When I reach this age, helping young people as the producer has quite a sense of satisfaction. I use what I have learned and experienced, not to say passing them on, helping them resolve problems is pretty good. So my goal is 5 new directors. (So few?) It's very time consuming. (Would you start a class and accept students?) Once someone asked me to lecture, but I am not an academic. I don't have a teaching system, I don't know how to teach. When I see it in person then I know how to do it."

The film got them the first taste at the Golden Horse Awards, would that increase their confidence of winning at the Hong Kong Film Awards next year? Yee Tung Sing revealed that for now 46 films have applied, 33 more than last year. TIME STILL TURNS THE PAGES would be released at the end of the year and won an award, indeed it would have an edge. How would they celebrate? He said that they would not make a big deal, but he would treat the staff. He also said that movies he produced recently TIME STILL TURNS THE PAGES and IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (BAK YUT JI HA) both have very heavy subjects. The goal was hopefully through the film the general public would pay attention. Even if they could not change the world, at least they made more people care. This was their original intent.

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