Monday, March 16, 2015


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Joey Yung says that she gives her boyfriend Wilfred Lau a facial
Charlene Choi attends a birthday party as Thor
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Charlene Choi dares to try different characters and accept greater challenges
Joey Yung wants to give acting another try with a good script and co-star
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Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress with her film SARA (CHOR GEI). Her performance in the film opened people's eyes and improved her chances a lot. Two days ago Ah Sa received the "Special Mention Award" from the Osaka Asian Film Festival, one of the three prizes that the professional jury selected. Before the film production began, the investors kept this budget below HK$ 10 million. Ah Sa liked the script after reading it and was willing to drop her HK$ 5 million salary per film to 10%, or HK$ 500,000.

Ah Sa received unprecedented success from this "alternative film", she hoped to have more variety in her future films. Ah Sa's manager Mani Fok Man Hei, "Ah Sa wanted wants to make more different genre films, but this year is Twins' 15th anniversary so she mainly will work on related jobs. She hoped to make more time to participate in more film production 'after work'."

Ah Sa's friend Joey Yung Choi Yi attended a cosmetic brand press conference and said that she was happy for Ah Sa. "I saw it in the newspaper, boss (Albert Yeung Sau Sing) told me too. I am the 'star bullhorn', then I told people around me. I wish her a total sweep this year. She got a photo with T.O.P, then she won an award. This year has to be her year!"

Would Joey want to try a similar character? She said with a good script and co-star she would. "Earlier Brother Wa (Simon Yam) at the after party told me, 'The next one is you.' Actually it doesn't have to be a child prostitute role. It can be another genre, it can be horror and thriller."

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