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Director Carrie Ng and Kate Tsui
Yui Hatano, Lee Kang-Sheng
Chang Chen and Aaron Kwok
Law Chung him, Xiao Shenyang, Aaron Kwok and director Soi Cheang
Law Chung Him calls Gong Li sweet after she gives him an autographed photo
Boss Alex Wong
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Chang Chen, Carrie Ng Ka Lai, Kate Tsui Tsz Shan, Rebecca Zhu (Chu Sun Lai) and Eric Kwok Wai Leung yesterday attended the Mei Ah Entertainment press conference. The Sing Sing starred PORT OF CALL (DAP HUET CHUM MUI) has become the film festival closing film. Yesterday was the director Philip Yung Chi Kwong's birthday. The event arranged for Sing Sing to bring out the cake to celebrate with the director.

Sing Sing in PORT played a 50 something year old veteran cop, which required a lot of make up work. He said that this film was already in conception while he was making COLD WAR (HONG JIN), but due to technical issues its start was postponed for three years. However the director insisted on working with him. Sing Sing said that Hong Kong needs new directors and new actors. As an elder he was very glad to be able to help the new generation. He hoped that their work will bring some impact to the market.

As for some viewers' attitude of going to the movies for a laugh, Sing Sing felt that the market should not all flock to just make comedy. Everyone could still make movies with sincerity, texture and enlightenment to move the audience.

Ng Ka Lai said about her directing debut, KNOCK KNOCK! WHO'S THERE? (YAU HAT DOH), "I really like horror films. This film has a very heavy domestic element and is full of Hong Kong ghost film spirit." She revealed that the produced made fun of her for being a glutton for punishment, because she went directing instead of acting. The biggest pressure from directing for her was the tight on location shoot schedule, like at the funeral home and the funerary offering store.

Did she run into anything supernatural during the shoot? Ng Ka Lai admitted that while shooting at the store, she did not dare to tell anyone that upstairs was where many remain temporarily stayed. One of the actors Tsz Shan said that the shoot was very smooth and did not run into anything strange. Before the shoot she would pray for peace. She also admitted that she was the most afraid of watching horror films. Thus at the night of the premiere she will have to overcome this psychological problem to avoid screaming throughout the show. She also estimated that she would keep her eyes closed for most of the film. Why was she willing to take the role? Tsz Shan said that at first she had no intention to, but because the character had a lot of potential and Sister Ka Lai moved her she agreed.

The new father Chang Chen admitted that being a father has been incredible. He and Wang Luodan will work together on a romantic comedy DRIVE ME CRAZY, in which he will play a race car driver. Because he normally was very easy going with his driving, he felt that the racing scene would be challenging. He even asked Sing Sing to talk about his racing experience.

In addition, Sing Sing, Law Chung Him, Xiao Shenyang yesterday attended THE MONKEY KING 2 (SAI YAU GEI 2 ji SAM DA BAK GWUT JING)'s Hong Kong Film and Television Market press conference. Playing Sun Wukong, Sing Sing said that the production was very tough. He had to glue hair all over his face and his body. He would be itchy after 12 hours in the special effect make up, which would start to hurt after another hour. After removing the make up he would have blisters; he also said that because he could not sweat after the make up, he needed to be in front of a fan. Later when he wentto a Chinese medicine practitioner he got a new diagnosis. The practitioner told him that he had both a chill and a heat base.

Sing Sing said that the film has already been completed, but the director might want to shoot more in New Zealand. Will he have to don the Sun Wukong make up again? He said, "I don't know yet, I hope not." Was he afraid of the character? He said that actually he was already used to it, but he never imagined that this time was ten times as tough as he thought.

Him Jai in the film had the chance to work with Gong Li. He admitted he was very nervous. He said, "I feel the sweetest part was, originally I wanted a picture with Gong Li. Yet due to the costume it wasn't convenient. Later Gong Li actually wrote some words of blessing on her photo then gave it to me. I really was very happy."

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