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Lynn Xiong plays Mrs. Ip Man again and jokes about being an old couple with Donnie Yen
Louis Cheung, Karena Ng, Patrick Tam, Donnie Yen and Max Zhang
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Donnie Yen is about to face his greatest opponents
Tyson challenges "Ip Man"
Ip Chun calls Donnie Yen the actor who plays Ip Man the most successfully
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The 48 year old former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson over a year ago issued a challenge online for "China's Strongest" fighter. At the time netizens suggested The "Strongest in the Universe Ip Man" Donnie Yen Chi Tan. Yesterday the film IP MAN 3 held a press conference in Shanghai. Investor Pegasus Motion Pictures' boss and the film's executive producer Raymond Wong Pak Ming officially announced the "battle of the strongest" for Yen Chi Tan in IP MAN 3 as Tyson will join the cast. At the same time the team also received Bruce Lee's brother Robert Lee Chun Fai's approval to bring Bruce Lee back to the silver screen with computer special effects.

Executive producer Shi Jianxiang said that he saw Tyson once asked who was the best fighter in China online, and immediately many suggested the one against ten lightning hand Yen Chi Tan. Tyson at the first responded that he has already seen Ip Man, knew who Yen Chi Tan was, and looked forward to the opportunity to meet. Thus when he considered Ip Man's ultimate opponents, he thought of Tyson. At the press conference Tyson revealed on video in English and Putonghua that he will be in China soon. "Who is the best fighter in China? Ip Man, see you on May 6!" Yen Chi Tan was excited about the addition of Tyson. "I am very excited! Many years ago I was already a Tyson fan. I have always studied his boxing technique. His fighting style influenced many of my film action designs." Near the end of IP MAN 2 a young Bruce Lee appeared. The film revealed that IP MAN 3 in order to coordinate with Ip Man and Bruce Lee's martial art sparring lessons already received permission from Bruce Lee's brother Robert Lee Chun Fai for the production to bring back Bruce Lee with computer special effects.

With Tyson and Bruce Lee, Yen Chi Tan thanked the film company for making his wishes come true. "I have never thought that I could spar with Tyson on the screen, and believe that no one can bring the god like Bruce Lee. I believe that bringing back Bruce Lee technologically will be unprecedented. IP MAN 3 will be the most important film and have the greatest opponents in my film career."

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