Tuesday, March 17, 2015


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Ili Cheng looks surprised to see Barbie Liu's goods
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The film ONE NIGHT IN TAIPEI (TOI BUT YEH PO TUEN TUEN JUEN)'s premiere took place two nights ago at the Elements. Actors Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu, "Fried Chicken Girl" Ili Cheng, Barbie Liu (Ha Wai Yu), Sharon Hsu and others attended. The always sexy Barbie again appeared in something super low cut. Fried Chicken Girl tried to avoid taking a photo with her, but was helpless when the reporters asked. She could only made different expressions in front of Barbie's chest and even pretend to bite her to stand out.

Barbie explained that she was more buxom because it was that time of the month. As for Fried Chicken Girl turning down a photo opportunity, she did not feel that she was afraid of her. She even praised that her dress was very pretty and maybe she was afraid of it being stepped on. She said that their relationship was great. This time she only did her part to promote the film.

Fried Chicken Girl also dressed provocatively but she said that it was not considered her sexiest. Because someone would always do it, she did not need to play this role. Why did she not want a photo with Barbie? She clarified that she was only worried about her looks and she had to fix herself up a bit off stage. She joked that the reporters were too anxious. Was she afraid that Barbie would steal her spotlight? She said that she was not and they took a photo together. Then Fried Chicken Girl said, "Are you happy now? Are you pleased?"

Kwan Chor Yiu said that earlier when he promoted in Hong Kong he took several actresses to tea. While shooting in Taiwan, he and Lok Wing went to many Taiwan night spots. This time they came to Hong Kong he would take them out for an exchange of the night life culture. Speaking of the actresses' sexy clothing, Kwan Chor Yiu said that he had difficulties breathing when he thought about it. After the shoot many male friends asked him to play tour guide and take them on a Taiwan night life tour.

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