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The Andy Lau Tak Wa starred new film LOST AND LOVE (SUT GOO) two nights ago held a charity premiere. Some of the proceeds will be donated to UNCIEF Hong Kong. Guests included Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Philip Keung Ho Man and Christine Auyeung Miu Chi.

Wa Jai at the premiere drew the attention of many. He recalled when he was working on the film in the Mainland streets he drew just as large as crowd. The host asked Wa Jai if they would hinder the production progress. He said, "No, instead without a crowd I would be upset." He said that this time the director was new, before hand she did not know how popular Lau Tak Wa was. Yet after a week in production she started to have regrets and knew that she got the wrong person. For the new film, Wa Jai spent two months to prepare. He said, "Two months before the shoot I used astringent skin lotion and alcohol to remove the grease from my face and make the skin a little drier. I went two months without skin care lotion and then went sunbathing on the beach. I also wore more tight hats to flatten my hair."

Wa Jai said that during that period he did not think about wanting to make a movie. Yet after reading the script he felt it was a challenge. It was even rarer for someone to ask him to play a laborer. He hoped through the new film to give the audience an understanding of how severe the Mainland kidnapping situation was. Wa Jai said, "When you see children of unknown origin, you should call the police, transfer missing person information online. This is a noble mission that should be continued. (Have you taught your daughter how to protect herself?) I would teach her more about social responsibilities." As for whether he learned how to pretend kidnapping from the film? Wa Jai said that there are many ways to prevent kidnapping. Children should not grown up in such an environment, the society should start with civic education.

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