Friday, March 27, 2015


Tang Wei is in a good mood at the MONSTER HUNT Beijing press conference
Wallace Chung hits the wall with Jing Boran to amuse the crowd
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Tang Wei, Jing Boran, Wallace Chung Han Leung two days ago attended the film MONSTER HUNT's Beijing press conference. After recasting and reshooting due to Kai Ko Chen-Tung's drug case, the film has finally been confirmed for a mid July release. When Jing Boran replaced Ko Chen-Tung, Bai Baihe admitted that she performed twice. However the team had no comment about Ko Chen-Tung.

Tang Wei was in a good mood and kept jumping around with child star Sen Die. The host had to remind her that she was a goddess. She said that in the film she was not a goddess but a female bandit. She and Yao Chen played demon slayers. She thought her first costume comedy was a lot of fun. Chung Han Leung at everyone's urge "hit the wall" with Jing Boran and laughter was ceaseless.

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