Tuesday, March 24, 2015


courtesy of on.cc

Director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) yesterday attended the Patrick Kong X Heat Creative Workshop press conference with Jacquelin Chong Si Man, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, Anjaylia Chan Ka Bo, Rose Chan Ka Wun and Super Girls. Paco Wong and Nat Chan Pak Cheung appeared as special guests. Yip Lim Sum revealed that this year he will produce three new films. Today he will recruit new actors for the film PG LUEN OI JI YUN (PG LOVE GUIDANCE). He said, "I am not afraid of wasting time on taking care of new actors." Chong Si Man who has a part in the ghost film DIP SIN (OUIJA) revealed that she had a ghost encounter. She said, "When I was little I accidentally stepped on funerary offerings on the streets. My family said that I was unwilling to go into altar room and heard a man singing Chinese opera at night. (What would you ask the ghost if you run into one?) When will I get married."

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