Monday, March 23, 2015


Isabella Leong
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Anke Beilke
Johnnie To and Film Festival ambassador Louis Koo share a toast
Despite rumors about her husband, Lee Sinjie remains in great spirits
Director Sylvia Chang (second right) and Lee Sinjie with their husbands
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The 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival opened last night. The opening film MURMUR OF THE HEART (LIM LIM)'s director Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga) and actors Isabella Leong Lok Si, Joseph Chang, Angelica Lee Sinjie, Lawrence Ko Yu Lun attended. Cheung Ngai Ga arrived with her wife. Lee Sinjie also arrived hand in hand with her husband Oxide Pang Shun despite earlier marital problem rumors. Pang Shun shaved. Other guests included Johnnie To Kei Fung and the Film Festival Ambassador Louis Koo Tin Lok.

Leong Lok Si dressed up for the occasion. She said that she has taken wardrobe malfunction precautions. Normally she rarely dressed like this, at home she would dressed like a housewife. She revealed that recently she has set up her own office, but she would only be an actress and would not invest in films. Why would she not invest in films? She said that she did not know the business. Now she has been looking for roles. She hoped to make some happier characters or musical film, because the roles that she has been offered earlier were more solemn. Was it tough for her to work and take care of her family? She said that she was able to handle it, but now family comes first. She would not let her sons watch this film because it was not suitable for children. She would return to Canada to visit her sons during Easter. As for her love life, she said that with three children at home she would not feel dry. As for suitors, she said that she did not have any. For now she did not need any.

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