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Wesley Wong often talks to his father Melvin Wong about work
Mancey Chen
Angie Chiu does not want to steal her son's spotlight
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The film AH BOYS TO MEN: FROGMEN two nights ago held a premiere. Stars Wesley Wong Hoi Kit appeared with the cast and the director. Angie Chiu Nga Chi and Melvin Wong Kam Sun also supported their son Wesley, but Sister Chi did not want to steal Wesley's spotlight and declined a family photo.

Wesley earlier said that if the film made over HK$ 50 million in Singapore he would attend an audience appreciation event. Now it has already reach HK$ 45 million. He stated that he might be topless to thank the fans. After graduating from the Beijing Film Academy Wesley worked on a film for the first time. He said that he was very demanding on himself and felt that he could do better. Yet he was more matured than before. In the future he will make a romantic film. He said that even with love scenes his parents could do little about them. will he need to give his girlfriend any advanced warning? Wesley revealed that he has always talked about his film work and stories with his girlfriend.

Ha Yu praised Wesley for being polite. Earlier when they met in Beijing he thought he was OK. Ha Yu is working on a Radio and Television Hong Kong series. In June he will be busy promoting his film and will prepare for a new film in the future. He did not know whether his son will perform as well.

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