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Charlene Choi's Osaka Asian Film Festival Special Mention Prize elevates her chances at next month's Hong Kong Film Awards
Simon Yam celebrates his birthday tomorrow in advance
Albert Yeung, Herman Yau, Simon Yam, Charlene Choi toast to the film's success
Simon Yam at a massage chair promotion in Taiwan
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Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Tony Ho Wa Chiu and others last night attended their film SARA (CHOR GEI)'s celebration. Boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing also attended. SARA after 13 days in release made HK$ 13 million. Ah Sa earlier received a Special Mention prize from the Osaka Asian Film Festival. Last night director Herman Yau Lai To presented the award from Osaka to Ah Sa. Brother Wa presented flowers and the event also brought out a cake to celebrate Brother Wa's birthday in advance.

As Sa said that such a good box office performance already exceeded her own expectation because this film was not a commercial film. It was also a category III film, so it was very surprising. She said that she and Brother Wa will take the team to dinner separately for a few more meals. How would she celebrate her Osaka prize? She admitted that she has not decided because lately she has been very busy at work. Has she shared the joy with her boyfriend William Chan Wai Ting? She said, "Everyone have congratulated me and have been very supportive. Everyday I receive everyone's love filled messages and a lot of encouragement from colleagues." As for whether she will have more confidence about the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress, Ah Sa said, "I actually don't have much pressure, I am a little more relaxed. Whether I win or not I got everyone's blessing." Will Ah Sa dress provocatively for the Hong Kong Film Award? She said, "It would depend on the venue." Reporters suggested for her to show her back for them to shoot her back (sounds like Best Actress). She said that it was a good suggestion, then joked that her front and back were actually pretty much the same. She said that for now she had no plan to make another film with the same team, but lately she has received many different genre films and characters.

Brother Wa's birthday will be on March 19, which he said that he will be at work. He said, "Tomorrow I will celebrate with my daughter and wife. They said that they will give me a surprise present." He said that lately his ten year old daughter punished her and he felt very tired. He said, "My daughter saw a photo of me holding a girl (Ah Sa) on the bus, so she punished me. She wanted me to carry her into her room like a bride. I had to do it a dozen times. By the fifth time I said I was very tired. She said that it was training for my health and told me to carry her for a lifetime. It was really sweet to hear that." He said that his birthday wish was for everyone to be more tolerant and for world peace.

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