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Best Actress Tang Wei thanks Best Director Ann Hui for bringing her into character
Charlene Choi and Simon Yam become close after working on SARA.  They even both wear black

Louis Koo presents the special prize to the late SKIPTRACE cinematographer Chan Kwok Hung's widow and children
Derek Yee says show business has no permanent enemies
Wong Jing is not mad at Cecilia Cheung
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Derek Yee, Andrew Lau
Sean Lau
Ivana Wong
Charlene Choi, Simon Yam
Louis Koo
Shu Qi
Tang Wei
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The Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild 25th silver anniversary banquet and annual award presentation took place last night. Derek Yee Tung Sing announced that his term as president has come to an end and Andrew Lau Wai Keung will take over. At the same time many awards were presented. Sean Lau Ching Wan and Tang Wei won Best Actor and Best Actress, Ann Hui On Wa with THE GOLDEN ERA won Best Director and Best Film. Last night the event was star studded, attending actors included Shu Qi, Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Edmond Leung Hong Man, Fiona Sit Hoi Kei, Kate Tsui Tsz Shan, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Josie Ho Chiu Yi, Louis Koo Tin Lok, directors Wong Kar Wai, Wong Jing and others.

Seven awards were presented. Lau Ching Wan with OVERHEARD 3 (SIT TING FUNG WON 3) won Best Actor. He admitted that he thought about turning down the first film, he never would have guessed that it would be so successful. This was also the first time he won this award and the feeling was very special. Would his confidence for the Hong Kong Film Award be increased? He said that earlier he read a report that he has been nominated for Best Actor 14 times already. He has answered this question 13 times so it was nothing special. Tang Wei with THE GOLDEN ERA won Best Actress. She said that she followed the director during the five months of production and did not know what she did. The process was tough because this character of Xiao Hong was not easy to play. She said, "As an actress, I am very happy to win this award but I am still a piece of material that needs to be slowly honed. Everyone please lend me a hand." She admitted that she was very nervous on the stage. As for her Hong Kong Film Award confidence, she said that she would let it take its natural course. Has she called her husband with the good news? She said that first she would share with the team. Best Director went to Hui On Wa, whose THE GOLDEN ERA also won Best Film. New Director went to MY VOICE, MY LIFE's Ruby Yang, who did not attend and someone accepted the award on her behalf. Ivana Wong Yuen Chi with GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS (GUM GAI SSS) won Best New Actor. On the stage she thanked the director for giving her a chance. She said that she spent half her time making music in a year and the other half on other things. She joked that she would rely on everyone for the rest of her life. The event also presented an executive committee special prize to cinematographer "Tall Guy" Chan Kwok Hung who passed away earlier in an accident. His widow and children accepted the award from Louis Koo Tin Lok.

Yee Tung Sing yesterday turned his post over to the new president Lau Wai Keung, during which he handed over an accounting book to him. Inside "in the red" was written and everyone cracked up. Yee Tung Sing said that he has been the president for eight years and felt that it was time for the younger generation to take over. He joked that Lau Wai Keung was an "old youth". Speaking of Charles Heung Wa Keung blasting Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi for her poor attitude and stating that he would never hire her again, he said that show business often required gossips. Would he work with Pak Chi? He felt that the most important would be a suitable role. He also said that actors being emotional was understandable. He did not know about the actual situation, but he believed that no one would be an enemy forever in show business. Sooner or later the situation would be resolved. When he worked with Pak Chi on LOST IN TIME (MONG BUT LIU), did she lose control? He joked that if he was asked again his mood would come. He said that he was an actor before, actors actually were very fragile. He would be very tolerant and understanding of actors' emotions.

Shu Qi took ten days off during the Lunar New Year and went to Japan. Did her boyfriend tag along? She said that anyone who should go went, no one who should not did. Was Stephen Fung Tak Lun still her rumored boyfriend? She said that everyone would write whatever they liked. She did not like to put the focus on her personal life, but she would not stop everyone from talking about it. Was she prepared to wed? She said that if it was just a marriage on paper then she should not be asked. Shu Qi was to play Daji in 3D FUNG SUN BONG. Speaking of Heung Wa Keung's decision to fire Pak Chi and ban her from future productions, Shu Qi said that she was not at liberty to comment on other people's matter. Because she had another film she turned down this film. Would she feel like breathing a sigh of relief from avoiding working with Pak Chi? She said, "No, I feel regret that I can't make it! Pak Chi is a good actress, I used to really like her."

Wong Jing once worked with Pak Chi. As for Heung Wa Keung blasting Pak Chi, he heard about it but he has not seen Pak Chi, Mr. and Mrs. Heung in a long time. He was not suitable to say anything. Would he still work with Pak Chi? He said that he has not seen Pak Chi in three years. The last time they worked together was on TREASURE HUNT (MO GA JI BO). At the time she was in the middle of a divorce, being emotional and unreasonable was understandable; but at the time she was never absent. Speaking of Pak Chi once saying that the film's box office was poor because the script was poor, he said that she just did not pay attention to the words she used. He would not be mad. He also said that Pak Chi at the time was in poor health, once she had to be hospitalized from menstrual pain.





Sean Lau Ching Wan (OVERHEARD 3)


Ivana Wong Yuen Chi (GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS)


Chan Kwok Hung (Late Cinematographer)

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