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Charles Heung and his wife has always considered Cecilia Cheung one of their favorites
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Tiffany Chen (left) respects her husband Charles Heung's decision despite her affection for Cecilia Cheung
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Artist Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi after almost three years away from the film industry recently joined the Lunar New Year film 3D FUNG SUN BONG (3D INVESTITURE OF GODS) production and played Nezha with Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit), Tony Leung Ka Fai, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Huang Xiaoming and Shu Qi. Reportedly Pak Chi for this film spent over ten hours on wires. Her legs were all bruised and had to have bloodletting treatments. She even had to be in a wheel chair! Yet Pak Chi was accused of poor work attitude, acting like a big shot and absence and fired from the new film!

Pak Chi's former manager and one of 3D FUNG SUN BONG's film company bosses, Tiffany Chen Lan sounded hoarse when she admitted Pak Chi's firing. "I would respect the company's decision of never hiring her again. This matter broke my heart. I trusted the wrong person, I gave her a chance and she didn't properly cherish it." She said that at first when she arranged for Pak Chi to play Nezha she already heard vocal objections, only that Pak Chi moved her. "She told me, 'I would change all that's bad from before and I would improve myself'." She even said that she would not take a salary! She has always spoiled Pak Chi and still gave her lai see. Reportedly the amount was set at Pak Chi's lucky number 211, 2.11 million! Yet after Pak Chi received the lai see, she declined to sign a contract and receipt as she claimed contract dispute with her former company.

"Pak Chi before the New Year suddenly flew to Beijing claiming for costume fitting, I even blamed the producer for possible notification mistake. After the New Year I couldn't find her. She didn't take my calls." She said that Pak Chi once was upset at the production order and blasted the producer. "Once Koo Tin Lok and Huang Xiaoming were shot first, which Pak Chi didn't like and blasted the producer with foul language. Were they all that? I didn't take a salary, shouldn't I be shot first? Pak Chi even sent text messages to tell my husband that your god son (Huang Xiaoming) couldn't be more bullish (big deal)! My husband thought she was praising Xiaoming and replied 'You are very bullish too'."

Chen Lan also revealed , "When working on (Frankie) Chan Fun Kei's SAVING GENERAL YANG (YEUNG MOON NUI JEUNG ji KWUN LING YU SHAN), co-star Liu Xiaoqing was all ready, but she hid in the room and wouldn't come out. The director called me for help. I called Pak Chi and she didn't answer, but she ran to yell at the director for getting her to pressure her!" Liu Xiaoqing several days earlier ran into Chen Lan and complained, "Pak Chi's work attitude just won't do!" Now with Pak Chi's absence, Chen Lan asked the original choice Mainland actor Wen Zhang to take her place. "At first Wen Zhang had a scheduling conflict, but our animation and details were delayed so now he can make it!" When asked if Chen Lan would give Pak Chi any advice, she said earnestly. "She should see a doctor about her moods! (Would you take Pak Chi's call again?) I don't think she will call me again!"

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