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Ann Hui On Wa earlier appeared on a Cable program and talked about her life as a director and her love life. Hui On Wa pointed out that she was practical. She made movies truly for the awards, so most of her films had good review but poor box office. She felt that losing at the box office but winning awards was a type of comfort to workers, actors and investors.

Hui On Wa admitted that she had difficulties with making commercial films because her films were not made to please the audience. Her film subjects were all based on her own feeling. If she had to make a movie with the sure fire Hollywood formula, she would not be able to.

Hui On Wa also recalled when she first got into the business and working with Josephine Siao Fong Fong. She remembered that at the time Fong Fong was responsible for the finances. She had a tight grip and did not allow any expense, thus she was very afraid of her. Hui On Wa said, "I used to constantly go over budget, after her disciplining, I control both time and resources very well. In the end only I only spent a little over 1 million to make THE WAY WE ARE (TIN SHUI WAI DIK YUT YU YEH)." Looking back, she was very thankful for Fong Fong's guidance and other people who have helped her in the industry.

Hui On Wa's work depicted women's psychology in detailed and touching manner. How did she see love in real life? Hui On Wa said that in her 30s and 40s she longed for marriage. Now she no longer thinks much about it, having loved passionately was enough. She did not need to get married.

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