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Amber Kuo took many photos of Paris' beautiful scenery
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The James Yuen Sai Sun directed, Louis Koo Tin Lok and new Taiwan star Amber Kuo starred romance PARIS HOLIDAY (BA LAI GA KEI) will open in the summer. The team at the end of last year went to shoot on location in Paris for over a month, mainly at Paris' largest park Parc de sceaux. Its area was 30 times Victoria Park's. The director shot on different locations in the park like the castle, the church, the great lawn, and the streams and created many happy, heartbroken and romantic scenes for the leads. Two new posters for the film would be unveiled today at the Hong Kong Film and Television Market.

Goo Jai worked with Amber for the first time and praised her talent. He said, "She puts a lot of heart into the performance, and her acting is great. Working with her also makes me try something new and sets off different spark. I feel that she will start to rise in Hong Kong."

Amber admitted that making this film was very pleasant, and working with Goo Jai was pleasant. She also saw the team work of the Hong Kong team. Despite having been to Paris before, she was even happier about going to this big and pretty park for the first time. She said, "In the past I mostly went to Paris to shop, but this park was very pretty. So I took the camera and took many pretty photos. It was like a hike, I truly had a Paris Holiday." Goo Jai also took many pretty photos that he shared on social platforms with fans.

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