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Good cop Simon Yam has many scenes with BabyJohn Choi
Simon Yam is bruised all over from the new film
Dominic Lam demonstrates his acting abilities
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Artist Simon Yam Tat Wa has more offers after signing with Emperor Motion Pictures. Aside from the April release TWO THUMBS UP (CHUNG FUNG CHEH), his other new film SPL 2 TIME FOR CONSEQUENCE (SAT POR LONG II)'s poster and trailer have been released recently as well. Playing a good cop in SPL 2, he risked his own life in order to save Wu Jing and ended up being captured and thrown into a dog cage to be beaten.

Speaking of this scene that took 15 days to shoot, Brother Wa who has always been tough chuckled. "The set was completely sanitized. When I got there the bugs still bit me all over and I couldn't sleep. The next day I had bug bites and immediately went to see a doctor. I got some anti inflammatory drug to tie me over, but then I was hung upside down in a dog cage. Stuck in mid air I had to rely on my hip for support. Finally I was severely strained. When I got back the doctor took one look and knew it was a big deal. I had to see the doctor for a month before any progress."

Brother Wa described this time as "the most harmful time" to his body in his career, but he was still pleased with the unity of the team. "The script originally said that I had to die, but the director felt that I was more entertaining and I got to stay until the end. Truly good deeds yielded good rewards." Soon to depart for Italy for his new film, today he would still take time to attend Filmart and promote for TWO and SPL 2.

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