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Sean Lau, Nina Paw and director Lee Kwong Yiu
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The stars of the new film INSANITY (BO FUNG YU) Sean Lau Ching Wa, Nina Paw Hee Ching and director Lee Kwong Yiu earlier promoted the film. The producer Derek Yee Tung Sing said that Lau Ching Wa was an abnormal actor. Ching Wan said, "I of course am not abnormal, I am very normal. At home I am a normal man. When on vacation I don't do much. I am pretty dull, I would shop for grocery at the market, go on a hike, I also like to travel but I don't have to go too far. I can go to Taiwan or Singapore for a little relaxation."

After 20 years of marriage with wife Amy Kwok Oi Ming, Ching Wan said that I was already the happiest from having the care from the family and someone to talk to. Lau Ching Wan was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor with OVERHEARD 3 (SIT TING FUNG WON 3) and INSANITY. Which one did he have more confidence with? Ching Wan said, "I haven't thought about it, usually after I am done that's it. Often I saw many of my own flaws, I would feel my performance wasn't good enough."

Paw Hee Ching said that she played a mental patient for the first time after years of acting. In the film Paw Hee Ching's daughter was murdered by her husband Lau Ching Wan, leading to Paw Hee Ching's mental disorder. Sister Bau said that her character was full of hatred, would not let the grudge on. Sister Bau in the film slapped Ching Wan. Sister Bau said, "The director handled that scene very well, shot from many angles. I had to slap Ching Wan many times." Director Lee Kwong Yiu said that the entire team was the industry's best, which added to his pressure. On the first day of work he had to shoot the Sister Bau slapping Ching Wan scene. Lee Kwong Yiu said, "With an experienced director, Ching Wan probably would have taken a little less beating. So I have apologized to Ching Wan and Sister Bau many times."

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