Monday, March 23, 2015


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Leon Lai Ming yesterday as the Hong Kong Entertainment Expo ambassador attended the opening ceremony. Also on hand was the Finance Secretary John Tsang Chun Wah.

Lai Ming was dressed in black and looked thinner. The host said that Lai Ming originally was working on a film in the Mainland, but he rushed back to attend the opening ceremony. Lai Ming said that he did not rush back, but he had to come back to attend because he was the ambassador. He also said that the Hong Kong entertainment industry was made by elders and veterans.

This year's Entertainment Expo covered music, film, television and digital entertainment. Lai Ming covered many of the areas himself, which one would he tend to lean toward? He said, "I don't get to. Entertainment depends on the audience's interest." He also said that the Hong Kong International Film Festival, Asian Music Fair and Hong Kong Film Awards are on the way and hoped that everyone would take notice. After the event ended, Lai Ming left without any interview.

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