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Wesley Wong says that he has the will power to withstand the business' temptation
Melvin Wong and Angie Chiu enjoy being star parents
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Melvin Wong Kam Sun and Angie Chiu Nga Chi's son Wesley Wong Hoi Kit joined show business. His first film AH BOYS TO MEN 3: FROGMEN earlier held its premiere in Hong Kong, its Singapore release already made it a hit. Yesterday they had tea with the media. Wong Kam Sun said that he was very happy to see his son beginning to show some sign of life and enjoyed being a star father. Yet Sister Chi was against a reality show with her son. She would also have to look at the script if they would work together. She would like her son to develop independently the most, as she did not want to give people the impression that he was a Mama's boy.

Wesley later will work on the director Alex Law Kai Yui produced romance, but the lead actress has not been set. He said, "The film will take place in the Mainland. My Beijing Film Academy directing department classmate wrote the script. In it a 30 or 40 year old man recalled his high school days. He felt that I was suitable to play the character so I showed the script to the company. They liked it and immediately clicked. The classmate will direct. I have always enjoyed Law Kai Yui's movies and looked forward to setting off spark with the collaboration."

Wesley already had a girlfriend outside the business and they have been dating for eight years. The business had many temptations, how would he give his girlfriend a sense of security? He said, "Everyday we would call and text each other to communicate. Actually I am someone who knows my place and has enough will power. She is also very gracious. She knew that I liked acting and accepted my kiss scenes. (Have you met the parents?) Yes." Sister Chi said that she already saw Wesley's girlfriend like a family member a long times ago as they were very close. Sister Chi also admitted that she still had an acting bug. After 6 or 7 years without a series, she would consider it if she ran into the right one. She also did not mind playing a housewife or a professional. Yet Hong Kong and even the entire Southeast Asia had no script for her age. Would she be willing to return to TVB? Sister Chi said, "As long as the script is good, I can work with any station." Wong Kam Sun currently is working mainly behind the scene at a film company. If he appeared on screen he would have to ask the bar, so he would not easily perform.

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