Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Miriam Yeung, director Adrian Kwan, screen writer Hannah Chang (pink) and the film's four child actors attend a special screening of LITTLE BIG MASTER
Miriam Yeung's father says he cried at the movies for the first time
Principal Miriam Yeung appears with four students
Miriam Yeung calls director Adrian Kwan the "teary eyed director" as he sheds tears on the set everyday
courtesy of mingpao.com

The Miriam Yeung Chin Wa and Louis Koo Tin Lok starred LITTLE BIG MASTER (NG GOR SIU HAI DIK HAU JEUNG) after five days in release made around HK$ 6.3 million. Two nights ago th cast attended a celebration. Executive producer Daneil Lam Siu Ming and Chau Cheok Wa also attended, but one of the child actors was absent due to illness.

Chin Wa said that in the past week, she went to nine Mainland cities and 49 cinemas to promote. Later she might go to Taiwan and Malaysia. She said, "I went to promote for a week. Although I couldn't see my son, he is starting to grow up. In addition we can video chat, so we can always see each other." After the promotions, she would also see her little co-stars less, but they would stay in touch on facebook. Chin Wa joked, "Later we can make the mother of six children, it could be in costume, Goo Jai and I could play the in laws."

Koo Tin Lok was very honored to be a part of the film and praised how well behaved and understanding the five children were. He was very pleased. Speaking of one of the little actors' absence from the celebration due to illness, Goo Jai said that everyone did their best to promote. He was very appreciative. Two nights ago the four little actors appeared in graduation robes. Goo Jai said, "I truly am a little surprised, I miss them too. I hope to see them again in the future."

Last Sunday, the five children, producer Benny Chan Muk Sing and screen writer Hannah Chang Pui King went to some remote districts like Tuen Mun, Tin Shui Wai and Ching Yee for audience appreciation activities. They also personally gave everyone dream leaves so they would write down their dreams and post them on facebook to share with everyone. When the five children appeared, they immediately became the "targets" for adults and children alike. They not only asked for photos but also praised them for their great and cute performance.

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