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Simon Yam says new director Lau Ho Leung's directing has quite a "Wong Kar Wai" style
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Simon Yam Tat Wa earlier spoke with the media with his film TWO THUMBS UP (CHUNG FUNG CHEH) director Lau Ho Leung. Brother Wa said that this time the film subject was new but the production was rather tough. Because it took place when Hong Kong was its coldest, he needed over a dozen heat pads everyday. In addition the new director did not know about doubles and asked actors to perform the stunts. Certain danger existed as his arm was injured.

Brother Wa said that in the film four men argued everyday, but they always made up. He and Francis Ng Chun Yu's relationship in the film was very ambiguous and couple like. He said, "I am a masculine on the outside, feminine on the inside "wife". Everyday I argued with Chun Yu but still stuck with him without his bullying." In the film everyone's costumes were very special. Brother Wa's perm stood out a lot.

The "lead" in the film, the Emergency Unit vehicle used to be a mini bus. Brother Wa said that he never thought that the modification would be so realistic. Yet because the vehicle was rather heavy, luckily they had a race car driver Mark Cheng Ho Nam in the driver's seat.

Director Lau Ho Leung said that he felt very lucky to run into good actors like Brother Wa and Chun Yu for his first film. He felt that the difficulty of directing lay with being held responsible to his words. When he wanted something and randomly said something, he would make everyone's job very difficult. Lau Ho Leung said that the team took great care of him. Brother Wa and Chun Yu both gave a lot of suggestions but the biggest difficult was in post production. Brother Wa said that the film took two years to make and now there is yet another troublesome director. He joked that he would be the next Wong Kar Wai.

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