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Louis Koo, Vicki Zhao, Wallace Chung
Richie Jen, Gordon Lam, Jordan Chan
Jan Lamb cracks up Miriam Yeung
Nick Cheung, Shawn Yue
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Shawn Yue is caught off guard by Nick Cheung's sudden revelations
Louis Koo and Vicki Zhao
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Media Asia Film yesterday held a press conference to announce the details of upcoming releases and new productions, including the Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Shawn Yue Man Lok starred HELIOS (CHET DOH), the Miriam Yeung Chin Wa and Jan Lamb Hoi Fung starred HE REMEMBERS, SHE FORGETS (CHA YUT DIM NGOR MOON WUI FEI), the Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) and Gordon Lam Ka Tung starred TRIVISA (SHU DA JIU FUNG) and the Vicki Zhao Wei, Louis Koo Tin Lok and Wallace Chung Han Leung starred film THREE (SAM YUN HUNG). Yesterday Media Asia also announced the John Woo (Ng Yu Sum)'s remake of MANHUNT (JUI BO) in memory of the late Japanese superstar Ken Takakura.

When Chin Wa and Lamb Hoi Fung promoted their new film, Lamb Hoi Fung said that he did not dare to speak too loudly. He joked, "Mr. Lam (Peter Lam Kin Ngok) is napping." Chin Wa cracked up and was almost in tears. Lamb Hoi Fung said that the boss actually was concentrating on film development directions. Was he afraid that this would be his last film after making such a joke? He said that actually it has been the last one for a long time, this time was only a comeback.

Ka Fai said that Jacky Cheung Hok Yau last time attended the Beijing press conference in his place. This time Hok Yau knew that he would attend and did not come; he also revealed that earlier when he was casting a lead actress for his new film, he went online to find some actresses with fresh faces. He saw a girl with a very fresh face with Lok Jai and immediately called him. Ka Fai continued, "I didn't expect Lok Jai to say that the girl was his former girlfriend. He had so many girlfriends that I could pick one out of the blue." Lok Jai immediately struck back and said that Ka Fai was framing him for being unfaithful. Ka Fai said, "However, that girl in the end was chosen." Reporters asked who the girl was? Ka Fai joked that there were many, with English names and Thai names; he also said that Lok Jai's "business" has already expanded a lot, publicly traded and he was no match for him. Lok Jai joked, "The opinions that he expressed don't represent mine." Perhaps Ka Fai was referring to Ase Wang Wai Man, who was linked to Lok Jai in rumors before. In addition, Lok Jai was asked about Ethan Juan (Yuen King Tin)'s break up rumor. He said that he had no idea about other people's personal matter.

Zhao Wei said that the new film THREE has been in production for half a month. In it she played a doctor. Zhao Wei reportedly made US$ 26 million in a day on her investment. She said, "No comment." Was she able to take care of her daughter as she kept making movies? She said, "It's fine, when I have time I am with her." She also said that she has not thought about having another child. Chung Han Leung said that in the film he had a hospital scene that left him bruised and battered. Later he had to find a Chinese chiropractor for massage.

Siu Chai worked with Chan Siu Chun, Lam Ka Tung and others on TRIVISA. They said that To Kei Fung films were known for their long productions. Siu Chai joked, "After making several of Mr. To's films, I am qualified for a Hong Kong identification card. Mr. To asked me why I live in Hong Kong, I said I would have to ask you that since LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE (DUET MING GUM) took over three years to make."

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