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Francis Ng's performance as a thief in police uniform has a lot of tension
Christie Chen complains about the numerous action scenes
Francis Ng and Patrick Tam have scenes with naked extras
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Film stars Francis Ng Chun Yu, Leo Ku Kui Ke, Patrick Tam Yiu Man and Mark Cheng Ho Nam play robbers in the upcoming Emperor Motion Picture TWO THUMBS UP (CHUNG FUNG CHEH). They even impersonate police in preparation for the big job. Although the robbers in the film look and act mean, on and off camera they are full of a sense of justice. Chun Yu even as an elder disciplined the younger generation and encouraged them to keep working hard.

In one scene when Chun Yu and the other three robbers went into action in their police disguises they ran into two young people committing a crime. The four suddenly felt a sense of justice arose, decided to act on behalf of Heaven and punished the criminals. Two extras were left naked in the remote hills in the cold. Chun Yu during the shoot encouraged and comforted them. "Scenes like yours we have tried many times when we were young!" He hinted that this was a road that actors must take and displayed his true nature as a veteran.

In the film Philip Keung Ho Man and Christie Chen (Si Xuan) played another group of robbers in a rivalry with Chun Yu's ragtag band. Female robber Si Xuan said, "I feel this film was very difficult to make, in the film I had to personally perform a fight scene without any double." In one scene she had to fight for a gun to return fire, in the exciting process her face hit a wire net. Her face was injured and she immediately broke down in tears, making first time director Lau Ho Leung feel sorry! The director even revealed that the cast only stumped him. For example the experienced Chun Yu would often ask the director how far he should take his emotions.

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