Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Cecilia Cheung thanks Mrs. Heung for always treating her well and respect their decisions.
Cecilia Cheung in the statement claims that they are not able to continue working together perhaps over some misunderstandings
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heung can no longer tolerate Cecilia Cheung's behavior and can only recast
Before Pak Chi issued her statement, Tiffany Chen said that she was not only sadden and heartbroken but also felt like she's been slapped across her face
Mrs. Heung Tiffany Chen says that she has no regret, she only did she should do
Cecilia Cheung was caught earlier at tea in Singapore with Mainland tycoon Sun Donghai and friends
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China Star boss Charles Heung Wa Keung two days ago angrily blasted Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi for not changing her bad habits and instead only getting worse. When she worked on the several hundred million yuan big production 3D FUNG SUN BONG, she was often absent and threw tantrums. Although Pak Chi has already been working for two months he still decided to recast and stated that he will never hire her again. Mrs. Heung yesterday posted online, "I am not only heartbroken but also slapped across my face!" She also said that she once believed Pak Chi would change and start over, but after the Lunar New Year Pak Chi was out of control emotionally. She did not even answer her phone. So they were forced to make this decision.

Cheung Pak Chi's management company AEG expressed deep regret over this incident and would respect all the decisions that Mr. and Mrs. Heung have made. The company also knew that Pak Chi put in a lot of effort for this film and suffered many injured, but no matter the reason in the end she caused disturbance to Mr. Heung, Mrs. Heung and everyone. The company apologized deeply. It also hoped that the matter has come to an end. AEG also wished 3D FUNG SUN BO a smooth production in the future, good box office performance and good reviews!

Pak Chi through her management company AEG responded, "I would respect every decision that Mr. Heung has made. Mrs. Heung has always said that I was like a daughter to her, so I hope that they would not be so upset anymore. I thank them for treating me well all along. I also thank their family. I would definitely remember how well they have treated me, and never forget it for the rest of my life. No matter what, in my heart, they would also be my family. I was unable to continue to perform in this film perhaps due to misunderstandings on both sides. I hope the team will keep at it and at the same time ask everyone not to make other speculations. Thank you everyone."

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