Saturday, March 21, 2015


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The wet Amber Kuo hovers behind Nick Cheung on a bicycle, often losing her balance and rocking left and right
Amber Kuo has no expression during the shoot
After the take Nick Cheung asks Amber Kuo to rest then returns to watch the playback
Nick Cheung goes over the script with Big Booty Carmen Soup
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The Nick Cheung Ka Fai directed film TOR DEI KUI MOR YUN (THUG EXORCIST) two nights ago shot on location at Central with Taiwan artist Amber Kuo. Just hinting that her relationship with Tony Yang was on the rocks, she looked like she was in less than pleasant mood but was still extremely focused on the production. Playing a female ghost, Amber Kuo hovered behind a bicycle riding Ka Fai. She was in a white dress, barefoot and wet. She was on the wires throughout the entire process as she slowly drifted in the air.

Amber Kuo during the shoot lost balance and rocked left and right. The crew had to give her a hand many times. Exhausted from the shoot she had less to no smile throughout. Ka Fai attentively after every take asked the crew to sit with her to rest a bit, but Amber Kuo was still frowning.

Earlier Cheung Ka Fai also shot on location at a nearby convenience store. Playing a convenience store clerk, Carmen Soup (Tong Ka Man) had a scene with him. With a big booty in the film, Tong Ka Man and Cheung Ka Fai attracted many pedestrians to take photos during the shoot.

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