Tuesday, March 31, 2015


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Francis Ng later will promote in 4 places in the Mainland
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No subject was off limits between Francis Ng and Simon Yam during the shoot
Mark Cheng, Patrick Tam, Francis Ng and director Lau Ho Leung
Michelle Wai announces that she is seeing someone; Carlos Chan is happy for her
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Francis Ng Chun Yu, Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Mark Cheng Ho Nam, Philip Keung Ho Man and director Lau Ho Leung, producer Soi Cheang Po Shui two nights ago attended the TWO THUMBS UP (CHUNG FUNG CHEH) premiere. Yam Tat Wa and Leo Ku Kui Ke were not in Hong Kong and did not attend. Guests included Ken Hung Cheuk Lap, Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi) and Michelle Wai Si Nga.

Chun Yu and Ah Tam was asked if the film will be released in the Mainland. Chun Yu said, "Of course, if not how would the film make our salaries back? It's several tens of millions, I am referring to the production cost." Speaking of Brother Wa's absence, some said that he was in Europe. Chun Yu and Ah Tam joked, "Did he went on vacation to show off? Originally we would be on vacation too, but because we have to attend the premiere we didn't go." Will Brother Wa have to take them to dinner as a penalty? Chun Yu joked that he would see if the box office would be better without Brother Wa's promotion. "Actually having Brother Wa to promote is good too. With him around I don't have to say too much. When interviewed together, he could say 3,000 words and I don't have to be afraid of saying something wrong and insulting anyone." Chun Yu said that during the shoot he relied on Brother Wa's to improve everyone's relationship, because he was very talkative and would share how he acted early in his career and how many homes he had around the world.

Ah Tam also joked, "Brother Wa earlier told us to have dinner at his restaurant in England." Chun Yu joked, "Brother Wa has so many buildings, how can I be friends with him? Haha."

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