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After three years away from TVB, John Chiang recently joins a TVB series shoot
Rosina Lam feels better after learning that John Chiang is fine
Two nights ago John Chiang does not feel well but still work on a group scene
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The 67 years old John Chiang Dai Wai after three years away from TVB recently worked on a new TVB series with Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung, Chan Kwok Bong, Nancy Wu Ting Yan, Natalie Tong Sze Wing, Rosina Lam Ha Mei and his son in law Raymond Cho Wing Lim.

John Gor, Cho Wing Lim, Lam Ha Mei and others two nights ago worked on the group scene at the TVB studio. Around 11PM John Gor suddenly felt discomfort. The crew immediately halted production for him to rest. Cho Wing Lim was worried about John Gor's health after his father in law had a balloon angioplasty operation several years ago. He did not dare to hesitate and immediately accompanied him to the Tseung Kwan O hospital. Chiang Da Wei stayed one night for observation, after accepting a blood test he was fine. Yesterday morning he was released.

John Gor said yesterday, "It's nothing special, they checked the heart. The report said it was fine. Tomorrow I will see the family doctor too. Since I had the 'balloon' angioplasty, even if I don't feel anything I want to be safe. (Were the late night series shoots too tough?) No, one notice a day, ten hours or so. It's not everyday for me either, only occasionally. Often I came back, shot two or three scenes and left. The workload hasn't been tough."

Cho Wing Lim yesterday said, "At the time I saw Father in law say that he felt discomfort in his heart, I immediately took him to the hospital for an examination. After a physical and a blood test, he was fine."

Producer Law Wing Yin said that the schedule would be adjusted so John Gor could rest. "We have already made temporary changes and stopped John Gor's shoots. We will wait until he sees his family doctor first. After everything is OK then he can return to work. (Was his workload too heavy?) His character is very important, most of the group scenes had him. 99% of our location shoots will be in the Mainland. Basically Hong Kong location shoots will be few. Lately it has been studio shoots, one shoot a day, but when seniors don't feel well they should get attention immediately."

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