Tuesday, March 24, 2015


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Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Ava Yu Kiu and Mark Wu Yiu Fai yesterday promoted their new film UNDERCOVER DUET (MAN LUNG DUT GWING). The film will be released in the summer. This was the first time Ronald has seen the press since becoming a father again. Busy with his son, he said that because of paternal leave he "ran away". Originally taking a month off he had to take two more weeks and specialized in the night shift.

Ronald said, "For the first child because of work I was unable to be with my wife in the delivery room, this time I took time off in advance. (Has it be tough with your son?) It's the same, how to burp him, how to tell the baby is hungry, and the baby's expression when going, all the memories came back. (Has your daughter been jealous of her brother?) No, she even took care of him, treated him like a toy. Once she was done she would put him aside. (Will you have another one?) No, for now I will rest first."

Yu Kiu in the film had to play ugly. Not only did she wear thick glasses but also appeared without make up. She was happy about how relaxing it was, but she also had many thrilling scenes like hanging in midair five or six stories above and being tossed to the scaffold. Would she just become an action actress? She shook her head and said, "No thank you."

Yu Kiu will work on GAING TO POR with Sean Lau Ching wan and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung. She gained over ten pounds before. This time she had to play a cop and be in a little better shape, so she spent three weeks to lose 12 pounds. She said, "I only have one meal a day, steamed vegetable, steamed meat, and exercise. When I went out if I didn't have any appetite I just didn't eat at all." Yu Kiu also said that she has not seen Ting Fung in person, while Ching Wan gave her the impression of having great presence. For the promotion, the film company shot a two minute commercial that used many ATV series to poke fun at ATV. Finally ATV banned it.

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