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Andy Lau and Jing Boran are like father and son in LOST AND LOVE
Jing Boran shows off his wound
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Andy Lau Tak Wa in the film LOST AND LOVE (SUT GOO) played farmer Lei Zekuan. During the shoot Wa Jai not only constantly mediated conflicts between fans and the team but also took care of the less experienced Jing Boran at every turn. In the film they would develop a father and son like relationship. In order for Jing Boran to inject real emotions, Wa Jai off camera also took the initiative to communicate with Jing Boran to bring them closer. They talked about film as well as trivial matters in their lives, as well as dirty jokes. Lau Tak Wa said that having fun with him would make him feel like they were very close. He said, "I have to make him realize that I too am juat a person. I have to remove the distance that the name Lau Tak Wa created between us. Later he already felt like I was Lei Zekuan."

Lau Tak Wa and Jing Boran would ride a motorcycle on the highway. One day Jing Boran fell in one scene and his calf had a third degree burn from the motorcycle exhaust pipe; but because they were shooting on the highway, Jing Boran after the injury still insisted on remaining with the team instead of returning to Beijing or going to the hospital. Wa Jai admitted that when he saw him his heart ached and he could not sleep. He was burnt on a exhaust pipe in a past film production, of course his was not as severe as Jing Boran's. Later he asked someone to bring the large disinfectant bandage that was used to treat burns, taught him to shave his leg then put it over the wound. Luckily he did not have a lot of leg hair. Jing Boran was very touched and constantly joked around to sweep away his worry and anxiety. Earlier he showed Wa Jai his calf. As soon as he saw it he jokingly told him not to change the dressing, just changed the leg.

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